[ Perfect Straight Shampoo - 80ml Rs56/- | Perfect Straight Conditioner - 90ml Rs56/- ]

SunSilk has co-created with Yuko Yamashita - inventor of Japanese hair straightening process 'YUKO' - for Perfect Straight Hair.
It is a combination of Shampoo and Conditioner with an advanced straight lock technology.Now, Sunsilk Hair Experts in collaboration with a japanese technology can hardly go wrong,can it? Infact its a dynamic combination.And I am supa-excited to try it.

To test and try it, I first wash my hair and put a reasonable amount of the 'perfect straight' shampoo in it.I am in love with its lovely smell.My hair feels all soft instantly as I heap up a lather before washing it gently after a few minutes.Next comes the 'perfect straight' conditioner that has to be used after shampooing the hair to get the most 'stunning straight' hair.This is simply a great conditioner as it seems to obey my wishes for straight hair.It is a highly advanced technology to control the hair and I can spot and feel the difference on my hair immediately from the other conditioners that I have been using.
After I rinse my hair,my hair feels deeply nourished and cared for.Not to mention it is in perfect alignment,STRAIGHT!

I dont see the usual annoying waving up of my hair that generally happens as my hair starts drying when I use other hair products.
With sunsilk's 'perfect straight' shampoo and conditioner a miracle seems to be happening at last.My hair looks and feels straight and so soft.My hair looks as though I just got it done in a salon.
Whew Sunsilk...thank you so much.
I highly recommend this amazing product to everyone who seriously want straight hair :-)
I'm however not sure it'll have its effect on extremely curly hair.

Our Rating Scale is : 1 to 5 = ◕◕◕ - I liked it.

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