We Indians have been frequenting International Foodie Giants KFC and Mc.Donalds for quite some time now ever since they opened shop in India and slowly but steadily spread into almost every street and nukkads of ours both in the big cities as well as in small towns. Infact, for many of us these fast food joints have become a habit for a quick bite ( however unhealthy or fatty their food might be )
In my case, I must admit being a big time foodie I've become their truely loyal fan. I have tasted each and every item on their menu ( both the restaurants ), however there are only 3 items that have left a great impact on my taste buds.
They are my hot picks that'll gonna leave your mouth watering for sure :-)


At first, the last thing I wanted to do at a fast food joint was eat a plate of rice. I had gone for my normal Snack Box ( 69/-INR+taxes ) that had a chicken piece ( spicy curry flavour being my favourite and the usual french fries ). But for some reasons on that fateful day, the counter boy of KFC said that it'll take bit time for the curry chicken to be ready. I refused to take the usual normal flavoured one that he offered and looked into their menu as to what else was available.
It was then my eyes went to the listing of Rizo rice. I asked casually its price ( 99/-INR+ taxes ) and asked the boy to pack it.

So, I reached home and opened the nicely wrapped transparent plastic tiffin box type parcel. Inside was yellow flavoured rice, a chicken piece and a small plastic container by its side that held some brownish type liquid masala gravy paste.
So, dabbing a bit of the masala paste into the rice and biting off a little chicken piece I had my first mouthful.
Oh...dear, I loved its taste instantly and hurried to finish the whole thing up. Since that day I've almost replaced my chicken biriyani with the rizo rice with no regrets. I simply love it and thats the only thing I go to KFC for these days.


After years of stuffing myself with the Chicken Mc.Grill meal ( 90/-INR ), I had moved on to Bombay Burgers which gave the same stuff ( well almost ) at a far cheaper rate. I was quite happy with this setting until recently, when the Bombay Burger outlet shifted from near my place to far away Vashi. Now, as much as I do love their burgers it is almost impossible for me to chase them to Vashi to get them. So, I moved back to my old enstranged sweetheart Mc.Donalds. This time Mc.Donalds welcomed me back warmly with their spicy range i.e spicy paneer and spicy chicken.
And me being unashamedly and unapologetically non-vegetarian, I naturally picked the spicy chicken as my new favourite. Priced at 102/-INR this one is a bit heavy on the pocket if you plan to eat a burger everyday, but its mouthwatering tastes almost forgives it all. A full Mc.Spicy Chicken meal is 175/-INR
No tomato,cucumber or onion stuffing, no fancy different sauces, this one is quite simple rather. It has the fluffy big burger ( quite different than the other smaller prized burgers e.g mc.aloo or mc.grill ) and the spicy chicken piece, few lettuce leaves sprinkled and a white mayonnaise sauce - and the result is simply magic!
Now that I've finished singing its praises I'm off to get one!


PIRI PIRI takes the normal french fries to another level altogether. It is actually a type of chat masala ( not the Everest chaat masala mind you! ) that is usually sprinkled over tandoori chicken to give its yummy taste.
What Mc.Donalds has smartly done here is, repacked the masala in small packets along with a light 'shake shake' bag. So, you drop the fries into the bag along with the piri piri masala, shake it a bit and voila your fries turn divine. For the Piri Piri you have to add an extra 10/- INR along with the regular fries.
Now, for our greedy taste buds what is an extra 10 bucks, right?

Our Rating Scale is : 1 to 5 = ◕◕◕◕ - I really liked it!
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