A Travelogue :

Sometimes we live in certain places for almost decades, but after leaving it, we don't visit it for decades too. However, the memories remain somewhere bottled, in the corners of our minds, and when by chance we get to visit it again - we end up feeling like a tourist in the same place that was once our home. The pictures below are telling such a story. I might have walked those tall tree-lined lanes that ran on both sides of our old compound ( which I used to call home ) hundreds of times in the past. Yet now they're just a memory. I left this place almost 12 years ago and never visited again, except this one ( 1-2 months ago ) time when I clicked the pictures. The famous Siddhi Vinayak temple is near by this area.


I could now see the new Bandra-Worli Sea link through the grills, which didn't exist when I used to live here. Lived and breathed by this sea-side for almost 10 years :-)


Yes, and that was the eatery where I tasted the first Biriyani of my life. I used to order quite regularly from here. This time, when I was waiting for my parcel the owner was looking at me strangely for a long time. After few minutes he came up to me and asked if I was their old customer, because he recognized my face. So, indeed memories dwelled in some corner of his mind too :-)

Another such bylane is one popular spot in Bandra, where my fashion-designing institute used to be located. I got diploma from there, though I didn't continue the profession. Made lots of friends here and from this point ( see picture ), we used to roam around till late. Its been so many many years that I've been there. Ah! Nostalgia :-)

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( Images Courtesy : Mine )

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