Life is moving fast at jet speed. And with newer technological innovation and advances, that jet speed is now being over-taken by super-sonic speed ( if that is the right term ). We all know, none of us have been untouched by it. None of us will survive without technology in this day and age, with internet having reduced this gigantic earth into a tiny community with everyone connected to each other, no matter how far in distance they may be in reality.

Connectivity is most crucial here, with more faster being the more better kinda. My data speed is currently in a plan that is 3G. After my quota expires, it goes to some Kpbs speed – similar to that of a snail’s, and because of it I’ve been facing a nightmare of sorts, for months now. I have suffered immensely when my net got stuck while submitting a very important time-bound project and just because of a few seconds delay my entire work went to waste. And believe it or not it happened when my 3G quota hadn’t even expired, so you can imagine my plight if it had.

My conclusion after such experience is, just having a mere 3G is not enough anymore. At least not in this day of cut-throat competition where your rivals can march far ahead of you just because your net speed sucks. When I heard about Airtel’s 4G connectivity and its claim of having the fastest speed ever, I did a double take. No, not because of the speed-claim itself; but because, as I’d normally fear, the speed do not come at double the charges! Yes, a big relief there, because, it promises to be the same as that of my current 3G plan ( breaking all myths that 4G is expensive ), which has now instantly got me into thinking that it’d be a far better deal. Watch the embed video ( TVC ) to get a better idea about the incredible speed of Airtel 4G. Now, won’t it be great to lay my hands on the free 4G SIM? I hear, one can order it from the website and it gets home delivered too, free-of-charge! Can it get any better than that? I can hardly wait, because, all I need is a 4G compatible device and a 3G data pack. And that’s it. Good news is – Airtel has launched its 4G services nationally today! So, if you need speed you know where to get it ;-)


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