Some topics aren’t easy to write. I was wondering why did I even take it up, considering the fact that it doesn’t really concern me. But a thought inside came and nudged me. Sure, it may not concern me directly, but it certainly concerns the country as a whole. And if it concerns the country, chances are it very much concerns me as well. If you are wondering how it concerns the country, then, just have a look around. Look at the sheer size of our population. It is bursting at its seams and our resources eroding fast. With uncontrolled population growth not just our living standards deteriorate, the country as a whole cannot progress ahead. But how to control population!

‘Condoms’ as a solution, is obviously one of the best answers, that are an effective and most easiest of contraceptives. But just like I was hesitant to jot down on the topic, that hesitancy is spread across the society too to even discuss it openly, leave alone go to a chemist and buy one. Condoms are not risky to health, as compared to the frequent usage of pills that might be, resulting in various side-effects. And more importantly they do the job. So, it’s high time to habituate India to condoms.

However, as mentioned already, the shyness and hesitancy still exists, thus herein comes, as a much-needed rescue to the men-folk ~ that lets one buy from the privacy of their homes. The best thing about the site I’ve found, is that, they’ve made the customer’s privacy their main policy, hence, the site assures full guarantee of protecting the identity of both the buyer as well as the product ordered.

While ordering, transaction and delivering, there is absolutely no disclosure in the unmarked discreetly packed parcel about what is inside it ( unlike as it happens in normally shipped packages ); neither is anywhere mentioned about the website in the billing where only the corporate name is mentioned, and in the ‘from address’ there is only the healthcare company’s name and not the product name. In credit-cards too, there isn’t any mention of the word ‘condom’ anywhere. I feel with so much care taken, buyers will be confident enough to buy unhesitatingly as they’ll be the only ones to know what’s inside.

The site also stocks all varieties ( from different brands ) and delivers across India. With India getting increasingly digitalized, I believe, it’ll be even possible to order online from smaller towns and villages as well, where it is needed most. I hope our infrastructure is developed to that extent where everyone can avail the benefits. And what more, browsing the site I came upon female condoms too! Now, that was a surprise :-)


❤❀❤ exists for the purpose of "Habituating Indians to Condoms" . It provides an encouraging platform to get educated about sexual wellness, and get information about condoms, buy them, use them and get habituated to them. condombazaar encourages the customer with its widest collection of condoms and ensure he/she buy at least 40 pcs per order, that will be enough for a year's use.
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