Photo Essay :

See the frenzy outside the shops? Most of these shops ( normally grocery shops ), have been specially converted into fireworks-shops during the festival days of Deepavali.

I click away...as I see,
Truckloads of people trying to get their hands at the armloads of fire-crackers!

Chasing Lamps and Lanterns!!

Colours, Diyas and festivity fills the air during Diwali...

Lanterns, lanterns everywhere - of all shapes and sizes; yeah, some chinese ones too ;-)

But, these traditional ones really steals my heart. I get a glimpse of how they're made as well.

Ah..and the sweets....
Shops are literally stacked with those. I pray, I get lucky, and somebody gifts me with some :-)

I may not be religious, but, I do get sucked in all the festivity :-)
~ Happy Diwali ~

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