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After an exciting uphill trip on the Ropeway upto the Gun hill peak, I was looking forward to my time there. However, once on top, I must say I was a little disappointed. What could've been a fabulous 360 degree angle view point ( covering the Garhwall hills, the mighty Himalayas around and the Doon Valley at one end ), it was totally ruined by vendors everywhere. These various stalls, located at the edges of the hill in a circular manner, blocked pretty much everything; leaving just tiny bits of spaces only, to see around. Phew, what a shame! I, anyways, tried to make the most of whatever I could. Aaarrgh... I so hate such ugly commercialization :x

It was raining, so, it added to the adventure!

Stalls, stalls and more stalls - from food, games to studios where one can pose in ethnic dress~
I had a cuppa coffee first, before giving it a try i.e posing in ethnic wear :-) Boy, the clothes and accessories were heavy :o They were quite warm too. There are different rates per size ( affordable ), and I ended up clicking more than I had intended. The studio owner gave me a free Mussoorie tourist guide book, and showed the Hotel Savoy and few other landmarks too from up there. There's a well-maintained loo up there at Gun Hill point, so it'll be a relief for some. In the shops, I asked couple of owners how they brought the items ( for sale) uphill. They replied, there's a village road behind, which they use.

Views from Gun Hill. Since, it was misty and raining I couldn't spot the Himalayan peaks :|
Do try going to the highest peak Lal Tibba of Mussoorie ( in Landour at over 8k feet ) as well, which I heard is awesome, where one can view the himalayan hills of Kedarnath, Badrinath and Bandarpunch etc! The best time to get awesome views would be before or after the monsoon months. However, I loved the misty, spooky air the monsoon overall gave to Mussoorie too.

Address : Gunhill Rd, The Mall Road, Mussoorie, Uttarakhand 248179
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