What I liked about the product is both its appearance and the contents inside. It has an easy pump designed to pour the exact desired amount just by simply pressing the pump lightly. The cream itself is a special concentrated 'cream and serum' duo moisturising formula. It is non-greasy, hence ideal for all occasions/seasons and with SPF 15 as well, to combat sun-tanning/burning. Its purpose is to fight effectively the 7 signs of aging for a visibly younger looking skin. Olay has its separate range of 7 signs of moisturizer and serum, but I feel this combo pack is best as you don't have to use 2-3 creams separately to get the same desired effect.
I've used it a couple of times and do feel my skin much softer and firmer. All of us age with time ( aging begins as early as 25 years ) and our skin is the worst sufferer and embarrassingly enough, the damage is out there for all to see as well, hence a product like this is highly awaited and recommended.

What I didn't like is perhaps the price. For a 20ml pack, priced at Rs. 369, it does look a tad bit high especially since the product is a regular use product.


What are the 7 Signs of ageing?

  • 1. Fine Lines & wrinkles
    They are a natural part of ageing. However, even youthful skin can develop wrinkles if it's damaged by too much sun or by smoking.
  • 2. Patchy skin/ uneven tone
    Patchy discoloration of the skin can be caused by variations in pigment (melanin) density, blood vessel (vascular) changes, or growth of foreign organisms on the skin.
  • 3. Dark spots/ age spots
    Dark spots on the skin, also called hyper pigmentation, may be caused by sun damage, inflammation, or other skin injuries, including those related to acne.
  • 4. Sagging skin/ uneven texture
    Ageing and the act of losing and gaining weight can reduce the tautness of skin and result in the appearance of loose skin and a persistently tired look to the face.
  • 5. Dry skin
    Dry skin can be uncomfortable and unsightly creating scaly lines and wrinkles. Fortunately, most dry skin results from environmental factors that can be wholly or partially controlled.
  • 6. Dull glow-less skin
    Dryness is exacerbated by wind, extremes of temperature and air-conditioning, all of which cause the skin to flake, chap and feel tight.
  • 7. Open pores
    Open pores are sometimes referred to as a "strawberry nose". However they can occur anywhere on the face, back, chest or upper arms.


    If you are over 30's you might also consider the following 'quality' products too from Olay!

    Rating Scale is : 1 to 5 = ◕◕◕◕ - I really liked it!

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