Language : English
Author : Surendra Mohanty
Genre : Fiction
Publisher : Future Books ( 2013 )
ISBN-13 : 9789351047131
ISBN-10 : 935104713X
Binding : Paperback
Price : Rs. 100 ( Buy from for Rs.80/- ( 20% Off )
Pages : 144

The Book Summary : A serial killer is on the loose. He surfaces in one metropolis after another, leaving behind a trail of murders. He masquerades as respectable citizens in different cities - Navy officer in Mumbai and Hyderabad, a film director's brother in Kolkata, restaurateur in Bangalore, racehorse buff in Pune - and targets single working women. ACP Kale is desperate to catch the elusive killer before he strikes again, but he has no clue except that the killer invariably strikes on an ominous day - Friday the thirteenth, and hires luxury cars to date his victims. One of his quarries, the beautiful Richa finally tames him.

My Point of View ( P.O.V ) : I am bit late in reviewing this book, though I had received it quite early on, thanks to pending reviews that I had lined up. But I'm glad I could finally lay my hands on it, simply because I love the genre. Murder mystery that too written in an unusual manner ( in present tense ), weaved in a very clever plot is the perfect recipe for a great, enjoyable read ( and quite an unexpected one as well ). Only in this murder 'mystery', you are well acquainted with the killer and the motive too for his killings, from the beginning itself. I liked the story as it was unusual ( besides the unusual writing style ), with the main protagonist changing aliases like a chameleon, to carry out the serial killings. He does it in different cities ( never returning to the same city ) and young attractive females are his usual targets. The reason for it is given in the introduction of the story ( a little 'Friday the thirteenth' reference ).

Since we already know the murderer and the motive, what makes the story intriguing is the journey it takes us to - 'the chase' - and a very gripping one at that. The murders are done with such precision, that its almost impossible for the police to track/trace the killer's next move. The character of 'Richa' in the story, who is from army background, is quite strong and to look out for. She plays a great role in finally taming and nabbing the killer on prowl, by making him fall for her.
The author has done a good job of making a simple but tight plot into an action packed thriller, with a good mix of suspense and drama. It gives a good insight of how certain situations faced in life can make a person good or bad. I personally liked the character of Inspector Kale who was pursuing the case, though I must also mention here that he is not exactly a super flawless sleuth in the story. All characters are well defined with good enough glimpses of their personalities, which in turn makes the story almost visual. The various cities that the story takes us to, are also well researched and detailed. People belonging to those places will easily identify with them, and for others too, it'll be appealing to read about the same. Police procedures and other instances like horse racing, dog-shows, criminal psychology etc are well dealt in the story giving a very realistic kinda feel.

The end of the story is interesting with the killer having a huge change of heart, although I believe, he could've easily gotten away with the murders as well ( such a smooth criminal that he was ). The book showcased tidbits of the army life, which I found interesting.


Positives : A perfect short mystery book to accompany you in travels for light reading. I like its easy written style, which is fast paced, smooth, vivid with lots of twists and turns which will keep the reader engaged till the end.
Negatives : None! Except perhaps that the story is too common. Little editing would make it more polished. Cover of the book is very amateurish.
Who will enjoy this? - Everyone, especially those who love thrillers.
Buy or Don’t Buy? – A Must Buy!

About the Author : Surendra Mohanty writes short stories. He served in the Indian Navy and retired as a Commander and is currently working in KiiT International School, Bhubaneshwar. This is his first novel, which he has self published. He can be further contacted by email :

Our Rating Scale is : 1 to 5 = ◕◕◕ - I liked it!

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