Product Name : LIFESTRAW GO - Personal Water Purifier 650 ml Sipper
Colour : Blue, Gray.
Quantity : 1
Price : Rs. 1790 ( Buy from ).

Product Summary : The award winning LifeStraw water filter has now been incorporated into a sports bottle to give users access to safe drinking water even when there is no water source nearby. Simply use the bottle to scoop water from any pond, stream or river, and you will have a supply of fresh, clean drinking water. Take the LifeStraw go with you when you go hiking, camping, or travelling to areas with poor water quality. Use the carabiner to attach to your backpack, or store in your preparedness kit to ensure access to safe, clean drinking water in an emergency. Features: Filters up to 1,000 liters (264 gallons) of water, Removes 99.9999 percent of waterborne bacteria (>LOG 6 reduction), Removes 99.9 percent of waterborne protozoan parasites (>LOG 3 reduction), Reduces turbidity, filtering down to 0.2 microns, Dimensions: 235 mmX 80 mm, Weight of the Bottle: 225 gms, Good Storage capacity of 650 ml, Produced from high quality food grade plastic as per US FDA standards, Raw material of the bottle: Tritan (BPA Free), Raw material of the bite valve: Food Grade Silicon.


My Review ( P.O.V ) : If you've checked the 'travel' section on my blog, you'll see, I travel a lot; and more often than not, to offbeat places more than the common tourist places. Yes, I love visiting places that are not visited that much, yet, are intriguing. Hence, my travels have always taken me to some really remarkable places, which are yet to be discovered or are less thronged with the maddening crowd. Much as I love these experiences, I must say, sometimes these can be bit uncomfortable too; as in, they can be totally out of my comfort zone. As they are not common destinations, basic facilities too may be lacking at times. Most things can be taken care of somehow, but when it comes to 'water', things can get quite tricky. Because, it directly relates to our health; and last thing we want is, to fall sick in some foreign location due to water problem. I was in the Rajasthan countryside just recently, and I had a horrible time finding water that tasted okay. Even the bottled water was yuck. Its a miracle that I didn't fall sick. There can be places far worse, hence, we can't always depend on the water available. But when I came across the Lifestraw Go personal water-filter sipper, I saw a ray of hope. I was sent a piece for review, and since then, we've become buddies.

Of body material - Tritan, cap type -Flip Open, lid type - Screw-top and ideal for both Men & Women, this sipper makes a perfect travel companion. I must admit here, I haven't tried it on very dirty water yet, but I did try on unboiled/unfiltered water ( which I often do to normal tap water ). And very soon, I'm going outstation again, so will take it along. The brand guarantees safe water, from any source, with its usage. It has been awarded as well, so only if they got good results, will they be awarded, right? Since, it does the work of a filter, unlike normal straws, this one requires a little effort while sipping the water. So, if you are very thirsty and want to gulp down a bottle of water at-one-go, you may not be able to; you'll just have to do it slowly. For health sake, I'm okay with that. This product can be great for kids too, as I remember, as a kid I used to fill water from anywhere. And naturally, I fell sick every other day. You don't want that to happen to your kid, do you? So, parents can give the Lifestraw Go to their kids to carry, instead of the regular water-bottle. I'll update the review after more usage of the product. Keep tuned...

Positives : Does the job.
Negatives : None, except perhaps the price.
Who will enjoy this? - Everyone.
Buy or Don’t Buy? – A Must Buy!
About A&S Creations : Lifestraw Go by Vestergaard ( - a Swiss-based global company ), is specially brought to India by A&S Creations, which is the largest importer and distributor of world's most renowned adventure and outdoor lifestyle brands. A&S Creations aims to promote the adventure sports in India and help adrenalin junkies get their rush by providing quality products that they seek. Their foundation lies in the impeccable service and great track record chiefly due to their team of professionals catering to all adventure and lifestyle needs from start to finish. Both versions of the Lifestraw Go is available on their site - [ Price Details: INR 1,145.00 for Life Straw Personal water filter and INR 1,790.00 for Life Straw GO Personal water bottle ]
Additionally, as part of the ongoing LifeStraw® Follow the Liters program, for each LifeStraw® purchased by a consumer in India, one school child in a community in India without access to safe water will be provided with safe water for an entire school year. For more information, visit

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