Product Name : PHILIPS HP 8600/60 HAIR CURLER
Colour : Multi-Colour ( Mine is Black ).
Quantity : 1
Price : Rs. 1495 ( Buy from @Rs.1285/- ( 14% Off! )

Product Summary : Philips HP 8600/60 Hair Curler has 32 mm Barrel Diameter, with On / Off Indication Light; Ceramic Coating and takes 60 secs Fast Heat-up Time ( PTC Heater Type ). 1.8 m Cord Length Swivel Cord. This stylish hair curler will help you achieve the same as it has the ideal curling iron and ceramic coating to help you get lush curls. 32 mm in diameter, the curling iron of this eco-friendly device comes in the ideal size to create beautiful waves and curls. Operating at an optimal temperature of 180 degrees, this hair curler is able to effectively shape your hair. The protective ceramic coating of this hair curler makes sure that heat is distributed evenly so that there is minimal hair damage and your hair is left shiny and soft. Equipped with a remarkable heat insulating material, the tip of this device stays cool almost always. So, your hands will be quite safe when you are using this hair curler. This device's short curling clip makes it easy to create and release curls. This curler heats up quickly and can be used in about 60 seconds after its activation. This device requires 110-240 volts of power to function, so it is quite flexible. A light indicator on this device tells you if this device is on or off. A long 1.8 metre power cord further makes the use of this curler convenient.


My Review ( P.O.V ) : Ideal For Women with Maximum Temperature setting at 180 degree Celsius and Power Requirement of 110 - 240 V V, Universal Voltage; this product with a ceramic plate body is easy to use, handy and very light weight. Its literally the 'Salon' itself you're carrying along with you, so no need for a separate visit to one. We always want things we don't usually have. And with my hair being somewhat straight ( sometimes it becomes little wavy too ), curly locks are something I've always craved ah...those cinderella type curls. I've tried many other options like making little braids all over my hair ( sometimes wetting it prior or using a horrible smelly lotion ); then pressing them with a heat-iron, leaving it over-night and getting some gorgeous curls the next morning; albeit little smelly, especially if you use the 'velocity' or other curling lotion - its smell is weird. But you can guess the amount of time it also takes. Almost a whole day is wasted. I even tried those plastic rollers you get in the market, where you part your hair and roll them up in those curlers ( supported by rubber-bands ), then blow-dry the same. But that takes an awful lot of time too. And with such a busy schedule, its just impossible to even waste a single moment.
At a meet recently, we were given special Salon treatment, where I opted for curls. The stylist used her curler, and within few minutes I was left with some great locks. I was so impressed that I decided to buy a curler of my own. This product is great as it heats up instantly, and one can get the job done in fairly less time, compared to the elaborate things I used to try earlier. Only wished the ceramic length ( i.e the main curler grip ) was a bit longer ( in mine ). One should use serum or heat protectant, to protect your hair and also a hair spray after its done, to keep the curls in place for a longer duration. I'll recommend it, if you want lovely curls. There are other variants of the curler available that one can check out :-)

Positives : Does the job.
Negatives : None.
Who will enjoy this? - Everyone.
Buy or Don’t Buy? – A Must Buy!

Our Rating Scale is : 1 to 5 = ◕◕◕ - I liked it!

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