I had got the Tresemme shampoo and conditioner samples to try out recently. I chose the 'Smooth & Shine' option as I wanted to play safe and didn't want to try the ones making fancy claims. However, I must say that I'm absolutely satisfied with the product and it does what it promises i.e gives a smooth and shiny hair.
My hair can be awful at times, and Tresemme might just be the one to perk it up instantly. Of late, I've been trying out various hair products, and though others are not bad they do need some other styling materials ( gel, serum, straighteners, sprays etc ) to get that perfect 'Ramp Ready' look, while on the other hand Tresemme on its own i.e the shampoo+conditioner manages to do the job quite perfectly.

The Tresemme Hair Salon Treatment comes in 3 great varieties to cater and pamper the different types of hair.

Smooth & Shine: for dry, rough hair
It is an enriched formula ( vitaminH and silk protein ) with high-quality ingredients and targeting technology that instantly restores and replenishes vibrancy for salon-style results everyday. It helps moisturize dry, rough hair. For hair that feels sleek, shiny, soft and smooth!
Shampoo available in 600ml, 225ml & 100ml; Conditioners available in 225ml & 100ml

Hairfall Defense : for damaged and breakage-prone hair
It restores salon radiance exactly where it’s needed most. It is an enriched formula with high quality ingredients, enhanced shampoos and conditioners with targeting technology to instantly restore and replenish vibrancy for salon-gorgeous results everyday. Infused with keratin, it helps reinforce your hair's strength and prevents hair fall due to breakage. For longer and stronger hair!
Shampoo available in 600ml, 225ml & 100ml; Conditioners available in 225ml & 100ml

Climate Control: for frizz-prone hair
With Climate Control Complex,( containing Keratin and Olive oil ) the unique formulas helps prevent frizz all day long by creating a barrier between your hair and the weather. It moisturizes and protects your strands. It doesn't let wind or humidity destroy your style. With Climate Control, you perhaps cannot control the weather, but you can definitely control your style!
Shampoo available in 600ml, 225ml & 100ml; Conditioners available in 225ml & 100ml

( Price Range: Rs260 for 600ml; Rs128 for 225ml & Rs64 for 100ml both Shampoos & conditioners )

Our Rating Scale is : 1 to 5 = ◕◕◕ - I liked it!

( Images Courtesy : Tresemme's & Mine! )

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