Language : English
Author : Sid Bahri
Genre : Fiction
Publisher : Srishti Publishers & Distributors (2013)
ISBN-13 : 9789380349916
ISBN-10 : 9380349912
Binding : Paperback
Price : Rs. 150 ( Buy from for Rs. 108/- ( 28% Off )
Pages : 328

The Book Summary : In the middle of the catastrophic 2008 recession, Aditya, a jobless, penniless man meets an attractive stranger in a bar. Little does he know that his life will change forever. When Radhika, a young, rich widow, marries off her stepdaughter, little does she know that the freedom she has yearned for is not exactly how she had envisioned it.
They say homing pigeons always come back to their mate, no matter where you leave them on the face of this earth. The Homing Pigeons is the story of love between these two unsuspecting characters as it is of lust, greed, separations, prejudices and crumbling spines.

My Point of View ( P.O.V ) : The best thing about book reviewing is, not only do we get to read some really amazing books, but we come across a wide range of writing styles of various authors, giving a glimpse of how many different ways a story can be told. The homing pigeons, is one such book that I've come across, with an entirely different kind of narration style which is quite new for me. Though the language of the book is not that great in 'literary' sense, the style definately is. Specially the alternate narration by its two main characters 'Aditya and Radhika', in alternate short chapters, both getting equal footage throughout the book, and the readers getting both their perspective, which makes it quite an enthralling reading experience, unlike most other books that generally has one-sided narration. So, full marks on that. It really piqued my interest to flip through the pages eagerly in anticipation of whats going to happen next. The book cover, I must mention here, is soothing and very pleasant to the eyes, and you know instinctively that there's some interesting stuff ahead.

'Not all love stories are perfect, but then neither are people'. How truer can that tagline be! The story starts off and ends exactly proving that one line, but of course with lots of spice, twists and turns added within it, making it a perfect potboiler. Aditya, 'the hero' if I may call him that, is not a guy you'll like at first impression, based on the actions he does in the beginning of the book. He can at best be described as an 'irresponsible' loser. He drinks and wallows in self-pity, instead of facing challenges head on and being a real man! Infact, I'm sure readers will be really surprised and appalled too at the choices and decisions he makes. He doesn't have a job due to recession laid offs and currently lives off his wife's income in a somewhat loveless marraige. He meets a girl in the bar - and that one incident introduces him to a whole new profession that will shock many, and of course changes his entire life altogether. In due course, thankfully, he is more likeable as he starts to mature a bit. Radhika, the other protagonist or 'heroine' if I can call her that, on the other hand is a rich widow. With her husband newly expired ( leaving her quite wealthy, albeit a loveless marraige to remember ), and a step-daughter recently married off, she tastes freedom atlast. But is it the kind of freedom she imagined she wanted? And needless to say, both Aditya and Radhika are ex-lovers, though the begining of the book doesn't give that impression at all. Only as you read on, do you see the connection gradually building up.

But question is why are they ex-lovers, how they ended up this way when they were so much in love. They apparently still are. And will they meet and their love spark again? Will they finally have a happy ending that they didn't have till now or will a happy ending forever elude them? Although it is a love story, it'd be safe to say that its a very, very 'HATKE' love story dealing with a wide range of emotions ( joy, sorrow, insecurities, hope, love, pain, regrets ) and intricate human relations. It has it all. The story sketched in a span of almost three decades, dwelves into their past and also their future, initiated by the present circumstances, they both are in. Circumstances, that makes them both head towards Delhi ( he from Chandigarh, she from Lucknow ), the place both knew so well. And yes, their paths do cross again, but oh! what a way to meet. Readers must really read to find out the climax, which was really a 'whoah' moment for sure. I loved it. I only wish it was bit more elaborate in the end, though the story itself could've been bit shorter.


Positives : A unique, easy flowing and very entertaining book. Once you start reading, you'll definitely not want to keep it down unless you've finished it first. Though, somewhat long ( and can be edited and shortened at parts ), the book generates enough interest mainly due to its unique style of story telling and the story itself which is quite unusual. I won't say its a literary masterpiece ( needs lot of improvement in its language and grammer ), as it is written in a very simple manner, but its a definite thumbs up! A book you wont regret reading. For a debut book, the author has not failed to impress. I'd love to read more from the author.
Negatives : None! Except perhaps the length. And the language needs little polishing.
Who will enjoy this? - Everyone, especially those romantic at heart.
Buy or Don’t Buy? – A Must Buy!

About the Author : A hotelier by education, an ex-banker and a senior executive in the outsourcing industry, Sid gave up a plush career in the outsourcing industry to follow his passions. Based out of Ranikhet, he is now a struggling entrepreneur and a happy writer. A self- proclaimed eccentric, he is an avid blogger who loves to read and cook. Cooking stories, however, is his passion. The Homing Pigeons is his debut novel. He can be reached at | The book's original soundtrack can be downloaded at

Our Rating Scale is : 1 to 5 = ◕◕◕ - I liked it!

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