Language : English
Author : Sasha H. Singhal
Genre : Fiction
Publisher : Half Baked Beans ( 2013 )
ISBN-13 : 9788192692623
ISBN-10 : 8192692620
Binding : Paperpack
Price : Rs. 175 ( Buy from #Rs.165/- ( 5% Off! )
Pages : 204

The Book Summary : Naazani, a shy girl with a lonely childhood, was born and brought up in Dehradun. She moves to a metropolitan for further education and gets absorbed. In a series of events, she decides to adopt prostitution and becomes one of the most successful high profile escorts of the city with the help of her manager Sharat. In a quest to be successful, she leaves her friends behind and dedicates more time to her profession. Nazaqat witnesses a police raid at a nearby place and the real scenario of prostitution terrifies her. She decides to take a stand and do something about it. However, Sharat convinces her that she is not powerful enough to make a difference. Nazaqat retires and pool all her money and starts a restaurant Joy foods in partnership with Sharat. The business grows and soon enough they have numerous outlets in various cities and Naazani Singh Shekhawat emerges as a significant entrepreneur of nation. To cherish the old memories, she organizes a group together and calls all her old friends. Next morning, it is found that something drastic happened the night before. Meanwhile, she invites an author Matthews, who is an old acquaintance to pen down her own biography. He visits her each night and in a series of ten nights, her story finds its crescendo. Will prostitution be legalized? Whats her intention with the biography she is planning? What shall be the fate of Naazani Singh Shekhawat aka Nazaqat? Nazaqat is a very detailed and carefully woven story which is a unique blend of thrill and drama. It is a refreshing story about a girl who adopts prostitution on her own will and starts a quest to legalize prostitution in India. While its entertaining because of the commercial voice, it also addresses grave issues of feminism, prostitution and homosexuality in society.

My Point of View ( P.O.V ) : The cover of the book is interesting ~ a pretty modern girl in a green dress, with a silhouette of a chandelier against a red designer background. Before even turning back to read the blurb of the book, you know its the story of that girl. Yes, a story of a prostitute but told very differently, with its plot being very unique too. Here, unlike stereotypes, is a character who does not take up this infamous profession out of sheer desperation or any other usual reasons often depicted in movies/novels. She takes it up because she wants to - as simple as that, and she is quite passionate and ambitious about it too. Figure that. So, yes expect the unexpected - that's what the story is about.

I've often heard in news about legalization of prostitution; various discussions and debates on the topic, in many forums both online/offline. So, that topic comes out in this particular story too, when the protagonist sees the horror side of it - what with police raids and all. She wants to make a difference and advocates its legalization, but that's a mammoth task. She is convinced by her manager that she won't be able to make any difference. The prostitute then moves on to opening a restaurant business and it works out well too; with her becoming quite a well known persona, and well on her way to getting her own biography written. Told in flashbacks, the story has moments of thrill and suspense with the various events that occurs, and which will keep readers on the edges. The beginning of each chapters is decorated with bit of poetry too, which I found intriguing and very refreshing.

The protagonist named Naazani Singh Shekhawat aka Nazaqat ( also Naez - yes, its kinda three-in-one personality, having different traits yet moving in between them effortlessly and with confidence ) has been etched quite well. She is a strong character making bold decisions that shapes her life. She is one who will definitely impress or leave an impact on readers, and the story narration is very detailed and descriptive. There are other characters too especially her acquaintance biographer Matthews and manager Sharat, along with her other friends and the role they play in her life. The climax of the story is impactful and fits really well.


Positives : Well written, easy language, fluidly paced and very relatable, the story makes for an engrossing read. And did I mention it has quite a bit of philosophies too, but woven subtly into the story-line.
Negatives : None, except certain typo errors here and there.
Who will enjoy this? - Everyone!
Buy or Don’t Buy? – A Must Buy!

About the Author : Sasha.H.Singhal is a pseudonym of author Harsh Agarwal. Harsh who has just embarked his twenties, believes that Life is all about experimenting and exploring. An artist by soul, an entrepreneur by profession and an engineer by education, Harsh has played a diverse range of roles in a very short span of time. A true foodie and a huge travel enthusiast, Harsh loves to meet new people and try new things. At present, he is residing in the beautiful state of Assam to complete his graduation in National Institute of Technology, Silchar.

Our Rating Scale is : 1 to 5 = ◕◕◕ - I liked it!

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