Language : English
Authors : Ravi Subramanian
Genre : Fiction
Publisher : Penguin Books India ( 2014 September )
ISBN-13 : 9780143421399
ISBN-10 : 0143421395
Binding : Paperpack
Price : Rs. 199 ( Buy from Flipkart.com @Rs.191/- ( 36% Off )
Pages : 324

The Book Summary : Ravi Subramanian's God is a Gamer is a thriller novel. It is set in the world of digital currency and the clandestine realm of the Dark Net. Aditya is an entrepreneur, running his own gaming company. The arrival of a part-time drug dealer and full-time genius named Varun turns Aditya’s struggling company’s fortunes around. However, things are not as they seem. A banker slips from the rooftop of a high-rise building and falls to his death. A finance minister with his heart on his sleeve discovers that he has made some promises which will cost him far too much. An explosion in Washington D.C. leads the FBI to a chase in Mumbai. The investigators begin to plummet down a world where bitcoins are the only meaningful form of currency. Here, everything is governed by the Dark Net, a group of nefarious websites dealing with illegal transactions. In this world, God is a Gamer, martyrs are villains, the hunters become the hunted and the ancient Greeks teach the secrets of assassination. In this new novel, nothing is what it seems.

My Point of View ( P.O.V ) : This is my 2nd book by the author that I'm reviewing. The title is quite catchy and book cover 'sleek'. As like his other books, the story of this book revolves around banking too. But in banking too, there may be so many aspects or layers. For example, this book deals with online banking and cyber crimes related to it which everyone is aware of and is the biggest threat of current times. Though online banking has so much advantage and made life easier, it is of highest risk too eg hacking or phishing which is common and that's also how the story starts. Today's net savvy generation who does online transactions ( with many engaging in 'gaming' too involving virtual money - that can be made real ) in everyday life, will definitely identify with the book.

Its plot is well built though like his genre of books, it may get a little predictable. However, with short chapters ( about 89 or so, 2-3 pages long ) the book engages the reader and the end is justified and well executed ( though could've been better ) that'll keep the readers glued till its last pages for sure and what seemed predictable may also prove to be false - i.e complex~ which the book surely is. Full marks on that and also on the thrill and suspense maintained. The story includes international space too, where the story moves around various parts of USA ( New York and Washington DC ) as well as our own India ( Mumbai and Goa ) via their counter intelligence FBI, CBI and CIA pursuing a case of mysterious death of a top beaureacrat. There is wikileaks too, bringing the virtual currency 'bitcoins' to the forefront that is already taking the world by storm and affecting many people's lives. In India too, things are happening and both co-relates. Must mention here, that the book has many sub-stories running along the main plot, and everything adds up in the end. With more mysterious deaths, suicides etc, like typical crime thrillers, the story moves on to a wild chase and keeps you hooked. The characters are etched well and adequate amount of love, emotions ( esp between the father and long returning son ), lies and secrets along with the already mentioned thrills and shocks too nasty ones at that! It is a perfect one-time read and worth taking a peek into the world of characters like Aditya Rao ( gaming company owner ) and Varun who joins and turns its fortunes. Aditya is friends with Sandeep and Swami. There are also characters like Malvika, Tanya and others adding to the story. The book carries real names too like Visa, Mastercard, US President, Wikileaks etc...but good thing is, the story makes sense and is not added in just to impress.

The book has interesting info on 'bitcoins's and the author's intensive research on it is evident.


Positives : A well written, easy language, gripping page turner it is; won't be surprised if it is made into a movie.
Negatives : None big! Although certain parts can be edited ( so as not to drag ) and shortened a bit, also an error of Samsung being a Korean company ( and not Japanese ) can be corrected and some minor typos. And maybe Ravi can try writing another genre too in his next book perhaps ( just a suggestion )
Who will enjoy this? - Those who love thrillers.
Buy or Don’t Buy? – Buy!

About the Author : Ravi Subramanian is an Indian banker turned financial-crime writer. His books If God was a Banker, The Bankster, Devil in Pinstripes and The Incredible Banker are all bestselling titles. Mr. Subramanian is an alumnus of IIM Bangalore. He is currently the head of a leading financial institution. He has won the Economist Crossword Book Award twice for his previous books.

Our Rating Scale is : 1 to 5 = ◕◕◕ - I liked it!

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