It’s that time of the year when during the day the scorching sun is right above our heads, making it practically unbearable to even think of venturing out. We don’t want to get roasted alive do we, which can happen more so with the wrong choice of clothes. While we girls have the option of making our skirts shorter and go noodle straps and all, the men-folk do not have much choice or do they? They have their usual compulsory formal shirts and trousers, along with ties that can squeeze their life out in the heat. I really feel sorry for my fiancée when I see him returning from office, all frazzled out. His birthday is coming next month, so I am planning to gift him with some surprises. First would be some colourful and fun Printed T-Shirts besides the usual cakes and hugs. Oh! He has quite a many T-shirts, but I’ve noticed they are just mostly plain blocks of colours ( baring 1 or 2 ), nothing else. Time to cheer up his wardrobe, what say?


I’m choosing Printed T Shirts as ideal gift this summer, because ~

1. Ideal Summer Clothes - Not just are T Shirts fun, casual and not stifling like the regular formal work clothes; they are the ideal clothes for summer. They absorb heat and do not block air-flow, hence, one feels most cool and comfortable wearing T Shirts during summers.

2. They are Trendy – T Shirts are never out of fashion or occasion. They are always trendy 24x7, and makes one look so uber-cool.

3. Designs Plenty – One can’t imagine the number of designs there can be in T Shirts, specially the prints. Forever innovative, I’m always amazed at newer prints that I see in T-Shirts. Graphics, Scenery, Abstract, Religious, Animal print, Alphabets, Slogans, Statements or just Random, the designs in printed Tees are never ending.

4. They are Versatile – Team up a Printed T Shirt with a pair of jeans, cargo, capris, shorts or even a trouser; hell try even with a lungi or dhoti - they can never go wrong, I bet. T Shirts can be paired with everything, and that makes them versatile.

5. Ideal Holiday Wear – Not just summer wear, they make great holiday gear too. Just pack a few T Shirts in your backpack, your holiday is guaranteed to be a fun one. T Shirts are the only garment that’ll make you comfortable if you want to make the holiday an adventurous one like trekking, biking, rowing, bungee jumping etc

6. Fiancee’s Favourite – My fiancée loves them. He looks kinda cute too in printed Tees. The first time we met, he was wearing a Printed T shirt and I fell head over heels in love instantly. So, when I think of 'gift', I can’t think of anything more perfect than what I had seen him in, the first time – yes, a Printed T Shirt.

So, I guess these are enough reasons why I ‘heart’ Printed T Shirts. They make great gifts, that once you finish gifting others, you can gift one to yourself too ;-)


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