I am thrilled today. I’m dancing in joy. Can you guess why I am so happy? Well..just a while ago, I got an email from a travel company that said, that I’m in their top 10, amongst shortlisted candidates, for a travel contest that I had participated in recently, hosted by them. Being a travel enthusiast, I’m naturally thrilled. And what more, I get to bring my buddy along too, in the trip – if I win. Yes, it’ll be a trip for two. I’ve got my fingers crossed, as my chances are on. The trip will include lots of exciting outdoor activities – something that’s adding to my adrenaline rush already; as such, I’m preparing my travel gear much in advance. One most important item in my travel gear has naturally got to be the shoes! Sports shoes to be specific :-)


Good Brand, Affordability, Comfort, Safety & Style – that’s what I look for in shoes.

Good Brand - a good brand always ensures a good product that lives up to its promises – Bucca Bucci shoes, being made of supreme quality material ( synthetic leather ) are hence, long lasting, durable and very reliable. And when a good brand comes at an affordable price, it is like an icing on the cake, like I discovered in these branded shoes.

Comfort – Snuggle your feet inside a good pair of shoes that has good padding inside, it’ll definitely make you comfortable and cozy, no matter where you are. Comfort is so essential especially when on an outdoor trip. And with plans to walk, trek hills, run and climb rocks, comfort will be an essential factor for me while buying them. With an assurance of trouble free mobility, with a supreme pair of shoes, uniquely designed, it will not only bring comfort to my life, it'll also enhance my confidence level too and I might dare to do some really daring stuff!

Safety – Shoes keep your feet safe from all kinds of hazards and dangers out there – from sharp objects like stones/glass-pieces to poisonous insects/snakes etc; our feet inside a good pair of shoes, will be most safe in all these trips. They’ll also keep my feet warm and dry, no matter what conditions prevail.

Style - Who doesn’t like to be stylish? Stylish shoes indeed make a good impression on others enhancing the curb appeal as they say. While travelling, we will be meeting new people; we can’t afford to show up in a shabby pair of shoes now, can we?

While I’m mentioning how branded shoes will serve me good, my buddy too will be wearing them of course – so, with both of us wearing from the same brand and same kinda sport shoes, our minor tiffs ( that mostly occur during our outdoor trips ) would get bit reduced too, what say? Just kidding of course ;-)

Well..with the very important shoes done, time to move to the next item on my travel-gear list :-)


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