I had got an invite by courier a few days back. Needless to say, I was very intrigued. Its been decades since I've seen a live-play. And I was curious to know the connection between HTC and Mehernama too. I recently discovered the Bombay's Metro, and took that route and reached within minutes; yeah...almost half an hour before scheduled time. Once I reached the venue, I felt little odd, as there were barely few people. A hostess of the 'Leela' introduced herself to me and mentioned that it was a very private event and she didn't know who all HTC had invited. Ahem... Anyways, she was pleasant to talk to and took my blog urls, telling me she'd call me if there was any food review event they had. She moved on to other guests, who started slowly trickling in.

The Venue & Guests....

The place soon started filling in with the who's who of the industry. Spotted Priya Dutt ( MP ), Miss.Malini, Zeenat Aman and many more known and lesser-known personalities, all gorgeously dressed ( mostly ethnic formals ). I felt little out of place in my rather casual clothes :o


Can you guess who that man in the corner is? Yes, near the flower-vase. He spoke for almost 1 hour on his phone, till the event started at around 8.30pm. Hint : Big Boss 6 ;-)

The Cocktails....

Since, the play was 1 hour behind scheduled time, drinks flowed like a river with everyone making a beeline to the bar. I loved my white chilled Wine and later Cranberry Juice :-)

The Time Finally...

The time finally came for all to leave the drinks and head inside the hall.

The Theatre & CEO Talk...
HTC PRESENTS MEHERNAMA was houseful inside! Packed! The Leela's grand Ball-room was converted to a theatre. One section in the front was reserved for the VVIPs, and behind for the aam-junta. I was in 3rd row of Aam Junta :| Anyways, the view was good, so no complaints. Both representatives of The Leela and HTC ( the sponsor ), spoke on the event, with HTC chief adding that - in Hotels Leela was best, in Plays Mehernama was best, so in Mobiles HTC was naturally the best, and they all had to come together, hence. Good logic, haan! The hall was decorated like some mughal era palace, and it looked grand and opulous. The audience was instantly transported to the bygone era.

The Mehernama...

The play too was the cake literally. Though it was getting late, I just could not leave it mid-way. I was so mesmerized by it. Its almost 2 hours long, with a 7 minute break in between. It was little funny in the beginning to see the actors, all dressed in Mughal attires, speak such flawless English throughout the entire play. But they were fantastic, I must say. To remember all those dialogues. Practice perhaps, but I truly loved the show. The story too was totally unique - of the love story between Jehangir and Noor Jehan ( Mehrunnisa ). I was unaware of it, so simply loved it. Will make another post on the story itself soon, do check it in my other blog :-). With a hurried dinner, I left for home finally. Metro saved me again, cos' thankfully I reached within minutes too.

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