I am constantly on the move; covering events or traveling. I'm hardly ever at home. But with gadgets like smartphones, tablets and good internet connectivity these days, I am constantly in touch with the world even while on the go! It’s like my lifeline. These gadgets have been my constant life-saving companions in my myriad travels. They have helped me in my regular blogging as well. However, in all of these I’ve always felt something was missing. I never could really enjoy the fun of watching TV on the go. Whatever shows I got to see were mostly super-delayed versions that killed all the fun. After all, there’s no joy like a live experience, trust me.

That made me think how wonderful it’d be if we had a TV button on our mobiles too. I could just relax and enjoy watching all my favorite channels and trending videos, breaking news, latest movies, hit songs, comedy shows or exclusive content right on my smartphone, after a day full of activity. More so when I'm traveling or simply wandering around the city. I wouldn’t have to wait till I reached home to switch on my television. I could carry my TV in my pocket and switch it on anytime I want. How cool and fun it’d be to see my mobile as the premium entertainment destination of India!

Yeah…you read it right! Digivive finally has the solution to my mobile TV cravings. nexGTv, an award winning application ( flagship product of Digivive ) that runs seamlessly across multi-screen devices ( mobile, tablets or laptop/PCs ) and platforms ( Android, iOS, Windows ), all networks ( 2G/EDGE/3G/4G and Wi-Fi ) and data plans ( irrespective of bandwith limitations and operating platforms ) is almost like an answer to my prayers. I’m so ecstatic to know that it consists of a suite of over 150 Live TV channels besides a huge content library that is all set to make my outside escapades filled with full-on entertainment. TV on the go is indeed the future of mobile technology in the country, with nexGTv revolutionizing the way television is viewed, bringing entertainment, sports, news and much more on a single platform! The app is simple but power-packed and easily downloadable. I've already downloaded mine :-) See screenshots of the App below!



The process is simple ( barely takes a few minutes ) and there is some FREE content that you can instantly watch after downloading. For others (i.e channel/shows) there may be some added charges including your usual service provider charges that will deduct as per data consumed. I found the app easy to use and its navigation very simple and user friendly. It has social-media sharing buttons too. And there is also an integrated 'electronic program guide' within the app, with info about the shows for up to 1 week. What I loved best is that even in my 2G network, the streaming in the app was flawless. Yes, that I guess is one of the best features the App provides - no matter, what the connectivity-type or speed is, one can get one’s daily dose of entertainment without any struggle. Have you explored or discovered this premium entertainment for the non-stop generation yet? Download the nexGTv app today!


( Images - Digivive ) | DigiVive brings applications to catch the imagination of the generation on the move, to entertain and engage in ways that provide them the complete package on their mobiles, allowing complete freedom of choice and movement. nexGTv is a simple, one-touch mobile TV application that has successfully launched, virtually changing the rules of mobile entertainment
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