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The palace is located in Old Bangalore near Kalasipalyam bus stand. I was really excited to enter the same premises that once housed Tipu Sultan ( who doesn't know him, duh!). I had already seen another of his palace in Nandi Hills. However, there, we weren't allowed inside, but in this premises we could go and explore. The structure is built of Teak and looks grand. There are lots of pillars, arches and balconies on both sides. It has one upper level. Groundfloor houses a museum with information on Tipu's life. There is also a replica of his pet tiger. Out of curiosity, I asked the guards if anyone saw Tipu's ghost in the compound. They denied, but, had a weird look in their faces. Though, the building looks inviting with people around, I'd be scared to be there all alone, esp after dark. Interestingly, there is a hindu temple just next to the palace. Check out the few pictures I could click. Some the auto-wala clicked....got hazy :s

Tipu Sultan's Summer Palace in Bangalore, India, is an example of Indo-Islamic architecture and was the summer residence of the Mysorean ruler Tipu Sultan. Open to public daily - 10am to 6pm & 8.30am to 5.30pm on Sundays; There is an entry fee of Rs.5/- per person for Indians and Rs.100/- per person for foreigners. Photography is allowed ( except inside the ground floor museum ) and there is no special fee for use of a camera.

Address : Allbert Victor Road, Chamrajpet, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560018
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