What happens when you receive an invite to witness the very thing you lost recently? And the 'thing' promises to be most 'ANOKHA' you ever witnessed or experienced? Your interest naturally gets piqued and you wonder what can be more Anokha than what you already lost? Confused? Am I talking in riddles? Well....let me blurt it out. I lost my umbrella in my recent trip to the Himalayas. No wonder, I was still shedding tears over it. Then, suddenly a very interesting invite lands in my inbox, talking of nothing but an Umbrella - and 'Anokha' one at that. So, you can understand why I got so curious - having such an emotional connect with it already.

Without wasting time I headed to witness this mega event organized by SabTV ( of Anokha Awards fame - and yeah, DO WATCH OUT the Awards are just around the corner i.e on 31st July ). So, will it heal my wounds, I secretly hoped as I went there. I reached the main Venue - Carter Road Amphitheater, Bandra West, Bombay/Mumbai. That's where all the action was. And oh what action - just see for yourselves.


Couldn't stop myself from tweeting my excitement right from the venue now, could I?

This umbrella is also competing the Guinness Records in the largest diameter category. Its height reaches almost 3 storeys. The SabSe Anokha Umbrella was unveiled as a prelude to the upcoming Anokha Awards'15 @SabTV! I thoroughly enjoyed the event, so did the other bloggers present at the event, as well as all others who attended. The SabSe Anokha Umbrella will be displayed again on 26th July ( Sunday ). So, head there this Sunday if you missed it.

Pictures from the Anokha Event -

That's how a Giant ANOKHA Umbrella is set up - with Giant ANOKHA Cranes!

#SabSeAnokhaUmbrella mangta hai #SabSeAnokhaCrowds, right? And they were all there ~ in droves

Ek Anokha Hostess too :-)

Anokha Celebrities dressed up in their Anokha costumes from their Anokha Shows in SabTV.

Any guesses who they are? Hint : Follow #SabSeAnokhaUmbrella in twitter to find out.

While I was coming back, I had a big smile on my face. I chuckled to myself, thinking, how before the event, I was fretting so much about my own lost umbrella that covers only a single person, whereas SabTV had gone ahead and brought a whole community of people together under this giant Umbrella ~ truly Anokha! This one-of-a-kind event is not to be missed, as its one great opportunity to forget all differences and hug each other inside the Huge Umbrella - in unity. So, what are you waiting for, you know where exactly to head to witness this man-made marvel at the earliest ;-)


( Images - ©Mine ( accept Manav Gohil close-up ). All Rights Reserved ) | SAB TV has created #SABSeAnokhaUmbrella, which is largest in the world. True to its brand message – Asli Mazaa SAB Ke Saath Aata Hai, SAB TV created this 30ft tall Umbrella under which around 1,000 people can come at once. SabTV's Anokhe Awards are scheduled to telecast on 31st July at 9pm.
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