Many would be surprised to see this post, because kids and me would be an odd combination. I've always maintained that I like kids - but, only from a far away distance. They may be cute and all, but they are just not my thing. I find them too overwhelming to handle, a kinda nuisance, lol. So, when an opportunity came to buy kids stuff...I first bolted. Buy kid's stuff? No way. Who'll buy anything for those mischievous brats. Let their parents do the shopping for them. I'll only do grown-up brands.

However, and that's a 'BIG' HOWEVER ~ my mind changed! Read why...

Some days back, I needed to shoot a Vlog. And the most integral part of it was to feature a - believe it or not - kid! Yes, that scared the day-lights out of me. With a heavy heart, I nearly gave up the project, like all others that required a kid in it ( including this...well almost ). One evening, I saw the neighbourhood kids playing and raising hell in my building compound as usual. Very reluctantly, I approached one and asked if he'll feature in my video. To my surprise, he instantly agreed and so did all his friends who overheard. Since I needed just one, gratefully I shot the video with him. It was such a big relief that I could complete my project. I was so thankful to that little kid, who, without any hate or prejudice agreed to pose. At that time I couldn't reward him. But just then I remembered this activity for Jabong and thought it would be the perfect opportunity to gift him.

I opened the site and invited both him and his mother, and asked them to choose anything within Rs. 1000/- The kid very enthusiastically chose the following and thus, began my shopping adventure with Jabong. In the past, I had shopped only once from Jabong. Though there were 3 Kids labels to choose from - the little kiddo chose stuff mainly from the brand Zucchini


The Packages!

The Clothes from Zucchini @Jabong

I found the kids section a delight to browse around. And the little kid brought out the child in me. Jabong's kid section has apparels for both boys and girls from age range of 6 months to 16yrs. That's quite a range. They are also further categorized based on different groups, so that its much easier to choose the age group directly. The categories, genders, offers, brands, apparel sizes based on age-groups, prices, discounts, sleeves, colour - all are neatly columned on the left, while the product display is on the right. One can select the required option easily from this navigation. The apparels themselves were running with huge discounts ~ 50-60%; so, that's a lot of money you are saving, when you buy from Jabong. And guess what, they stock footwear and other accessories too.

While I had a pleasant shopping experience with the products reaching within 3 days of purchase and the kid squealing in delight ( when he got them ), I however, immensely disliked the spammy SMSes and emails that I kept receiving afterwards on the mobile & inbox, which I shared at the time of purchase. This is a big turn off for customers. I really wish E-shopping sites will look into this matter and put an option to unsubscribe from any unsolicited emails or smses they keep sending.


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