The world as we see it is, perhaps, vastly different from the ones that our parents saw, or older generations prior to that. We are developing at a rapid rate, but it has taken a toll on the environment around us and also ourselves. While in the earlier days, the air was purer and produces healthier; these days it’s just the opposite. The environment is polluted, and more often than not, produces too are immensely contaminated. So, illnesses are rather common in humans. People are getting increasingly prone to diseases that were quite unheard of in the past. As such, it is of utmost importance to get our eating habits and lifestyles in check and balance; otherwise, the undesirable consequences of the neglect will be of our doing only.

I can give my own example. When I first moved to Bombay, I was alone and took things for granted. I was not careful of the things I ate from outside (which I did often), and didn’t maintain a proper schedule of things. I’d eat breakfast as late as the lunch-time and have lunch as late as the dinner-time. So, one can imagine how messed up my whole lifestyle had become. As a result, I had fallen ill not once but many times. I had a bad case of jaundice back-to-back. Things had gotten to such alarming levels, that, I’d have perhaps lost my life too had I not got a grip at the right time. I enjoyed outside food and didn’t pull a plug on it right away, but cut down on it to great proportions. So, if earlier I had outside food daily, multiple times, I cut that down to once–twice a week. Rest of the time, I got off my laziness and tried home-cooked stuff, and to my surprise (although, I abhorred it initially), I was getting better at it by the day. Naturally, my health improved; my routine got proper and I no longer lived according to the US timings, while in India.

While I corrected myself before things got worse, there can be certain other diseases which can result from unhealthy eating habits and lifestyle, and ones that can prove to be fatal as well. And there can be certain diseases that can plague us, even with proper habits. Life is that unpredictable. I’ve seen ‘Cancer’ strike ones who led pretty decent lifestyles. While diseases such as cancer can indeed result from unhealthy lifestyles, it can also sometimes strike just because someone in your genetic line-up had it. Sounds weird, but truth it is. So, it’s not just about eating habits or leading healthy lifestyles that matters; but one has to be prepared for the unexpected too. Most of such diseases are expensive to treat. Without proper health insurance in advance and preparing for such eventualities, one can find it almost overwhelming to say the least when such diseases strike. Some

health insurance policies like the ones from ICICI Lombard may help one gear up better, but it is also advisable to take precaution well in advance as well. For example - we all know unrestrained smoking, and drinking habit can most certainly lead to cancer-related deaths, so why not be cautious about it. We know obesity can result in all types of illness and heart-issues, so why not just stop being lazy and try live a more active life by exercising regularly. We know drinking pure filtered water, adding fresh fruits and vegetables in our diets, cutting down oil intake are all so important; so why not try doing exactly that?

In the end, it’s really all up to us: how much we care about ourselves and our loved ones. How many precautions we take, how we take note of the warning signs and try live healthily. It really is up to us and it’s only us who can improve or work upon our issues. And it’s also upto us to be prepared for any unexpected circumstances. It’s upto us to take understand the importance of being covered by a proper health insurance.


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