Our generation lives and breathes entertainment. From good old radio, television and now to the internet-age, our entertainment quotient has evolved and how. As if only one medium is not enough, we have created multiple mediums from a single one and many more. However, till late ( during phase of the radios and televisions ), we were only the audience and watched or heard what others did. Except perhaps our remote, nothing really was in our control and we had to lap up whatever we were served. But internet changed all that. Internet not just entertained or informed, it also empowered us. If someone wanted to be a journalist or writer secretly, they could now just start a blog and publish on their own; and the web is such, it reaches the audience in just a few clicks. If someone always dreamt of acting or doing comedy, they didn’t have to wait a lifetime anymore for someone to take notice and offer them a role. Just grab a camera, record and upload it in Youtube. It’s become that simple. Didn’t I say internet has empowered us? And all this we can do for free – as in, we don’t have to buy spots in Youtube to broadcast our video. Now, isn't that great?

When brands come forward and start supporting, it takes the excitement and credibility to a different level altogether. I noticed this awesome development when I browsed the LiveinStyle portal. I noticed this awesome development, when I browsed the portal. By UB Group, its a fun complete lifestyle portal that has a plethora of information on various fun activities; be it parties, nightlife, music, food & drink, celebrity news and whole of of others. But what caught my sight was their support to Stand-Up Comedy – as in, not just the professional ones but also encouraging common people ( like you and me ) who can also be a part of it – if we have a funny bone in us, that is. Their major 'Comedy Hunt' on Youtube is currently on and one can check them all out on the site itself. Amazing are some tutorial videos by non other than the famous All India Bakchod ( AIB ) chaps Rohan, Tanmay, Gursimran; Kanan Gill and a few others. I watched the videos myself and got good enough idea on how to make a good comedy video and what tricks to use to make it awesome and popular too. The site says ‘Stand Up comedy is about finding the bravery to step up and withstand every muscle in your body screaming for you to stop what you're doing and run. It is about facing those first few sets with nobody laughing and convincing yourself that you are good enough to get on stage again. Do you think you have what it takes to make the bold move?

Know what it means? Well, in this dedicated page one can have some good, wholesome fun entertainment moments by enjoying Stand-up comedy not just by watching others, but by even taking part ourselves. I’m surely going to watch it with some good cocktails in my hand, speaking of which, the site also has some cool info on those. Do check them out to make your evenings more fun and entertaining. I feel, it’s a great addition to the portal, as Stand-up comedy can never be out of place in any entertainment or lifestyle genre, trust me. We really need to laugh-out-loud in this rather serious world. Kudos to for supporting just that. So, what about you – are you going to be a vouyeur like me and watch Stand-up comedy in or be part of it more intimately by uploading your own video on Youtube Comedy Hunt? With #StandUpComedyinStyle, it has become just a possibility now.


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