What do you consider yourself when you get an invite to a special screening of a movie, that hasn’t been released yet, with a bunch of wonderful people too – a movie, that is based on something very unique and not the usual kind? You consider yourself very lucky! Yes, that was my first thought when I got an invite to the preview of movie Talvar directed by Meghna Gulzar. The movie is supposed to be released on 2nd Oct'15 and I, along with a few bloggers got to see it first. Isn’t that awesome?

Well, more awesome is the story it is based on. The whole world knows about the famous Noida double murder case of Aarushi Talwar and servant Hemraj. For years, the case simply baffled us with various twists and turns. It was one of the most landmark mind-boggling cases in the judicial history of our country or perhaps, even the world. And when a movie is based on the complex, intriguing and not to mention bewildering subject, your curious level knows no bounds. The first thoughts that came to my mind was – how will the subject be handled as it is very sensitive in nature, will the story depict the whole truth in a totally unbiased way, was there justice delivered in the case at all or were there still loop-holes. With my mind buzzing with these questions, I made my way to the LightHouse Preview theatre where the special screening was held.


Many bloggers had already arrived and soon the movie rolled. Irfan Khan and Konkona Sen made an appearance in the first few scenes itself and I knew instantly, the movie will be totally worth it – I really love their very ‘natural’ acting. All the other actors played their parts convincingly too and for a while I almost mistook the character – the one that played the father, for the real father himself. The acting was so real-like! Tabu, who played a cameo role, was a surprise package in the movie. Although the story is based on real life, the names have been changed. I was really amazed to see the various investigations this single case had gone through; by various people in various departments i.e first, by the police, then, the various sections of the CBI ( CDI in the movie ) – all coming to different conclusions too. No wonder the case had everyone stumped, for so long. The complexities, the many twists and turns, and the entire sequences of that whole incident has been delicately handled by the able director; that'll hold the audience at the edge of their seats for sure, and will have them wondering as well about the ghastly crime, the culprits, the investigations and the outcome.

To see everything unravel in the movie was really a very unique experience for me, and one you must witness for yourself too, to find out - Did Aarushi really get justice? #YouDecide
Catch the movie Talvar, by Junglee Pictures, this Friday, at a theatre near you!

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