Each one of us has atleast some connection with dance. There has been atleast a couple of moments in our lives, when we have indeed shaken our bodies to some rhythm or music. I undoubtedly did. I’m not a trained dancer, but I remember raising my hand to participate, whenever there was some school cultural-function coming up. However, because my knowledge of dance was somewhat limited, I used to stick to group dances only. But, once my confidence grew, I made solo dance attempts too especially when once my neighbor asked me, if I would like to perform in one of their office functions. Now when I look back, I laugh out, because no doubt I made a fool of myself then trying to ape a Sridevi or Madhuri. Yes, not being trained formally in the art of dancing, bollywood was my main inspiration. Oh! How I enjoyed the whole thing. Even though there were people watching, I was not embarrassed at all. I was so lost, that the crowds didn’t exist anymore. I literally followed the golden rule of – Dance like no one’s watching.

As time went on, I gradually restricted my dancing to the front of a mirror only. It no doubt liberated me. But, one thing I discovered was also the health benefits of dancing. It’s almost like an exercise, and if done regularly you can keep in shape, while having fun too. And in front of a mirror, you aren’t conscious and can try any style you want.


There are many aspects of dancing as I found out recently, in a website, solely dedicated to this art. And it is called The Dance Bible. As I explored the site, I found it to be really of use to those who are curious about it. And not just that, it connects both the pros as well as the amateurs in the field, like a huge community. This is really appreciable especially for a dance-noob like me. I can learn so much beyond bollywood now, thanks to this site. It's literally a one-stop platform for all dance lovers to come together and connect through this mind-bowing art. See the incredible 'interactive' features the website offers to its users below.


Isn't that an incredible list of features that you see ( in the above image)? But wait, that’s not all! Because, there's more to it ~ like Dance Diaries, Dance Events and a Dance forum too; making it a wholesome site. Excited by it, I made my own Dance Portfolio as well in the site, and posted a question on their forum too. It is a full blown networking channel that can benefit everyone, besides bringing us in contact with other like-minded people who either love dance or are dancers themselves. So, have you made your own dance portfolio yet?


( Images - The Dance Bible )
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