I'll be writing about menstruating and related products in this post. I have always hesitated to talk about them openly. Every single woman experiences menstruation almost their entire lives ( from puberty to menopause ); it being the most important aspect of womanhood; yet, we shy away from it. Well, not any more! Lets not be so embarrassed about ourselves. God has gifted us with this wonderful privilege ( periods being the essential core of motherhood ); so, lets be proud, cherish and OWN it completely. Lets #OwnThose5Days!

Periods, however, I must say, brings along with it lot of physical discomfort. There are lots of myths attached to it as well. But with newer technology, those are a thing of the past ( with myths being busted too ). I remember, when I had my first period, I used clothes. It was messy, uncomfortable and I hated it. I wished we didn't have periods at all, and would curse God or anyone that had the misfortune to come my way day and night during those days. However, after getting introduced to Sanitary Pads, such as Whisper, the discomfort vanished overnight. And, it didn't seem as terrible anymore. Whisper has been improving their products, that's only getting better and better with time. With products getting better, women do not have to dread those 5 days any more. They can live equally 'free' lives during periods; as they can, the rest of the month. Whisper India recently launched its latest product of Whisper Ultra Clean, that is 5 times better than any of its past products or any other competitor's brands. So, owning those 5 days is now a breeze! Lets have a round-up of the event and product launch :-)

Some 'live' tweets from the event...


R&D expert Chetan Kotyalkar, in a demonstration to the bloggers, highlighted the unique features of the New Whisper Ultra that comes with 1000 suction holes to offer better protection for long hours.

Whisper wants to enable women to keep striding forward. We all know, how today's life is for women. We do lots of things - be it in home, college, office, sports etc. And I may sound biased, but lets face it, we women do lot better compared to men in all these fields. Infact, women multi-task more than men, juggling both home and work. We are really the un-stopaable. So, why let those 5 days create any hurdles for us, right?

Hurdles? Yea, you heard it right! Some of us, during those days, infact slow down, hesitate or restrict ourselves, inspite of being capable to do everything, just because we fear - what if! Our work gets stalled as such, during those 5 days, which cumulates to almost 1500 hours every year. This isn’t merely just a pause; it’s a step back and sometimes even a set back! Imagine, how much can be done in that time wasted. Well, Whisper India brings us the solution with the launch of New Whisper Ultra.

Main highlights of the Event :

  • In the product-launch event, was showcased, a never seen before innovation via powerful demonstrations highlighting the benefits of the New Whisper Ultra. The event previewed the top sheet upgrade & boosted core of the new product from Whisper India that offers more absorption for long hours and better dryness for clean feeling. And the exclusive bloggers were the lucky ones to preview it. The NEW WHISPER ULTRA Offers 5 times more protection than ordinary pads ~ it has 1000 suction holes for -
    1. More absorption for long hours | 2. Better dryness for clean feeling | 3. Faster absorption for sudden heavy flows | 4. Better comfort with soft top sheet | 5. Better odour lock

  • In the event, was also an interesting discussion between Versatile bollywood actress – Kalki Koechlin, Gynaecologist – Dr. Nandita Palshetkar, Whisper R&D Expert - Chetan Kotyalkar & stand-up comedian and writer – Aditi Mittal, who brought to life the need to break free from the various irrelevant period taboos and the importance of menstrual hygiene. The list of taboos ( like not exercising, not wearing white, not washing hair for the first two days and stay largely at home during periods among others, all mostly irrelevant ) are something we all have been guilty of practising at some point of our lives or the other; either due to lack of information or for the lack of proper innovative products like the New Whisper Ultra, that ensures complete protection.

    Kalki and Aditi shared personal experiences and opinions expressing the need for a superior sanitary napkin for a woman to be truly unstoppable. There was also a never seen before product demonstration, that clearly showcased that the New Whisper Ultra offers five times more protection than any ordinary pad. Dr. Nandita Palshetkar showcased her expertise to explain the menstruation process and the dos and don’ts every woman should incorporate in her monthly routine. She also educated all about the importance of menstrual hygiene.

  • Blogger meets are incomplete without some fun activities. And here Whisper India scored again. The ‘Whisper Out Loud Blogger Hangout’ culminated with Whisper’s super fun #OwnThose5Days challenge kick-started by Kalki and Aditi, followed by the ever enthusiastic group of bloggers. To celebrate the spirit of being unstoppable during periods, #OwnThose5Days challenge comprised of a series of five activities which depicted everyday physical hurdles in a fun way. And thus, wrapped the fun event with lots of information and memories as precious take-aways.

    Versatile Actress Kalki Koechlin & Ace Stand-Up Comedian Aditi Mittal encourage the New Age Ultra Girl to #OwnThose5Days
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    ( Images - Whisper India )
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