Language : English
Authors : Ravi Subramanian
Genre : Fiction
Publisher : Westland ( October 2015 )
Edition : 1st
ISBN-13 : 9789385152382
ISBN-10 : 9385152386
Binding : Paperback
Price : Rs. 295 ( Buy from @Rs.280/- ( 5%Off! )
Pages : 392

The Book Summary : He was a bestseller She wanted him to make her one. Paperback king, Aditya Kapoor life is straight out of a modern man's fantasy. His literary stardom is perfectly balanced by a loving wife and a spectacular career. With everything he touches turning to gold, Aditya is on a winning streak. Shreya Kaushik is a student with a heart full of ambition. Young, beautiful and reckless, Shreya speaks her mind and obsessively chases after what she wants. And what she wants is to be a bestselling author. What happens when their worlds collide? Is it possible to love two people at the same time? Can real ambition come in the way of blind passion? Can trust once broken, be regained? Master storyteller Ravi Subramanian, delves into the glitzy world of bestsellers and uncovers a risky dalliance between a superstar novelist and his alluring protege. The Bestseller She Wrote is a combustible cocktail of love, betrayal and redemption.

My Point of View ( P.O.V ) : I remember, it was the month of Oct'15, author Ravi Subramanian had given a prompt for a story-writing contest. It was a passage from his latest book - 'The BestSeller she wrote'. I had taken part in it, and every single moment I wrote my own take on the topic, I kept wondering what the original version would be. Three months since, the book actually landed in my hands for review. Imagine my glee! Finally, I was getting to read what I was so curious about all this while. Let me start with the cover of the book. Yellow, summery - it is fresh and appealing to the eyes; the title, no doubt, being very interesting too - one that throws all types of possibilities in our mind. The blurb does give a hint of it being some sort of a love-triangle, but is it just that? Lets find out. ( I can safely say, its not at all like the one I wrote in that contest. )

Firstly, I must say, a welcome change it is for the author to move away from his usual genre of thrillers based on banks/banks/banking etc ( that he's famous for ), and trying a totally different genre this time ( though, the banking part is still there - with the main character being a successful banker himself ). Kudos for that anyways, for trying out a different genre, that is. Romance and relationships ( extra marital affairs, betrayal, redemption etc ), the book greets you with these, along with ambition, desires, conflict of interest ( as in to what extent one can go to achieve their dreams ) etc, that keeps the interest factor alive. Although, there are some dull patches in the book too that can be re-edited ( hopefully ). The main characters in the story are Aditya ( banker cum author ), Shreya ( critic turned Aditya's fan, and aspiring author ), Maya ( Aditya's wife and mother of Aryan - their son ) and Sanjay ( Aditya's friend ), around whom all the story revolves; the plot being set in the publication sphere. There are few other characters too. Things are all good till Aditya runs into Shreya at a lecture session; wherein, she criticises him at first, but soon turns into his fan, and who aspires to write a best-seller. She, however, doesn't hesitate to use him too, to achieve that end. The story, although a bit filmy ( there's going to be a movie based on it soon ), does have reality etched into it ( with some real names from the industry being included in it as well ); hence, is relatable to a great extent. Their relationship ( i.e Aditya and Shreya's ), obviously leads to a string of events unfolding, including chaos in Aditya's marital life. What happens next, is what the story is all about. I won't give away any spoilers. And to really know what happens in their lives, one has to read the book. There are some serious issues that are touched upon in the book by the author, which is really applaudable.

I wish the story was bit fast paced though, like his other thrillers. But then, maybe the author wanted to go bit slow with this particular romantic story-line. However, having read his other stories in the past, I expected something more exciting/gripping. Good thing however is, there is fair amount of suspense in the book, so not all ( i.e time, money, energy in reading ) is lost yet. And must say here, this story although predictable, is a good one-time read!
Note : Don't compare with the author's past works, while reading, you may get bit disappointed.


Positives : Easy language, smooth flow..the story is simple and can be finished at one go. Ideal for light reading during travels. A movie will be made based on it too, so another positive feat.
Negatives : None, except perhaps, more effort could have been made to make the story much richer, faster and also the dull parts re-edited.
Who will enjoy this? - Everyone, specially those who enjoys reading romances.
Buy or Don’t Buy? – Buy, if you love this genre!

About the Author : Ravi Subramanian, an alumnus of IIM Bangalore, has spent two decades working his way up the ladder of power in the amazingly exciting and adrenaline-pumping world of global banks in India. It is but natural that his stories are set against the backdrop of the financial services industry. In 2008, his debut novel, If God Was a Banker, won the Golden Quill Reader's Choice Award. He won the Economist Crossword Book Award in 2012 for The Incredible Banker and the Crossword Book Award in 2013 for The Bankster. His most recent novel is Bankerupt. He lives in Mumbai with his wife, Dharini and daughter, Anusha.

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