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I'm just back from Tawang, in Arunachal Pradesh. If you've been following my updates, you'll know, I took a break from my busy Bombay life and have been exploring the north-east ( my native place ). I've been travelling non-stop, with only 1-2 day gaps in between. Needless to say, I'm spending most of my time on the road. Its been an amazing experience so far. The experience has been made even more exciting and hassle-free, because, I always carried my most trusted companion along with me all the time. Can you guess what it is? Well, its Whisper! It is something I always pack first whenever I'm travelling. With it by my side, I don't have to fear anything - what we girls mostly worry about - periods!

In between the trips, I got the all new Whisper Ultra Clean pack for review. Just as I was packing for Tawang the package came and without a second thought I carried it with me. There was a cute sipper too, that was so needed in my trip as well. Thanks Whisper India for these goodies ~


Whisper India recently launched its newest Whisper Ultra Clean Sanitary pads in the glitzy event attended by several bloggers and celebrities. The new product is 5 times more better, than any of it previous versions. I'll let you know as well why I think the new Whisper Ultra Clean is superior!


The road to Tawang is 16 hours on road from Guwahati. Can you imagine how uncomfortable it can get, if you are having periods during that time? Specially, when the entire journey is on a mountainous terrain - deep inside the himalayas, no less! And with only 1-2 stops in between.

Whisper Ultra gave me the confidence to bear the distance, the heights and the non-stop travel. The new pads has 1000 Suction Holes in the top-sheet, that absorbs upto 100% wetness from all ends. Just what I needed in such travels. The Magic Gel Crystals in them are indeed magical. When you are sitting continuous for hours, these crystals offer better dryness. I couldn't have asked for more, else imagine being cramped inside a packed-vehicle. Whisper's usage of such innovative technology is indeed applaudable. Besides, it is soft and rash-free, hence, very comfortable and easy on skin.

The other feature I found really good about the new Whisper Ultra is its Odour-Lock System. Period odour, as we all know is horrible. And in places so high and moist ( with snow, fog, mists all around ), it can get worse. But, I didn't have to worry at all, as the new Whisper Ultra took care of it. It instead gave out a pleasant scent. So, I didn't have to give a nightmare and headache to my fellow passengers ~ a relief. Besides, with odour taken care of, I felt fresh and confident too.

Up there in Tawang, I had to stay in a hotel. So, washing bed-sheets etc ( in case of leakage ) were out of question. As such, I absolutely loved the Extra-Long feature of the new Whisper Ultra, that took care of my overnight leakage-worries. Through the entire travel, and also during my stay up there, I didn't have to constantly check or change. The 'long-in-size' feature ensured longer protection too.

Indeed, I found, one Whisper Ultra Clean pad proving to be equivalent to five ordinary pads i.e 5 times better. I'm thankful to Whisper India for making my life and all my travels so much hassle-free. Even in altitude of over 14000+ feet, I really could #OwnThose5Days!


Stepping with confidence with the new Whisper Ultra Clean!
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