As somebody rightly said, adventure can mean different things to different people. They can be philosophical, crazy, hilarious and insightful too. My own adventure in this world started the day I was born. From very young, I was curious about life - its purpose. I wondered about things like death. It fascinated me. I kept asking questions like - why we are born, why do we die. The realization of the 'temporariness' of our physical existence made me live every moment of my life as though it were the last - thus, making the most of it. Its quite thrilling, if you see the world that way.

I was always eager to know about the after-life too. While others of my age-groups were too busy wrapped-up in their materialistic pursuits, my curiosity to know what lay ahead ~ after-we-die ~ became almost an obsession for me. I kept digging whatever information I could gather; from all over the world, across all religions, to learn on the subject. I found similarities in the beliefs in almost all of them, regarding death and what happens afterwards. After all, don't we find a common 'heaven-hell' concept in almost all the major religions? So drawn was I into the subject, that I just had to dwelve more into it. Another sort of adventure that was! Theory wasn't enough any more. I wanted to go practical. Hence, my thrilling and very adventurous journey began. While others travelled to popular touristy places, I opted for spook-based travel. The idea was to go to haunted places alone; feel the energy, experience or capture any spook if encountered ( get a validation of sorts ) and learn more about the dead. Whoa...that's quite an adventurous subject to choose, isn't it? So, no matter where I went, I researched the spooky places in that area first; and once on the location, spent good amount of time there. Besides, of course, covering the popular sights too. Here are some of my adventurous and very spooky solo trips, that gave just what I was looking for ~ info and thrill :-) The locations below are supposedly some of India's Most Haunted spots. Enjoy :-D


This is just the tip of an ice-berg. Having covered almost all the top haunted ones in India, I'm still to explore the lesser known ones; and not to mention, the ones beyond India! This thrill or adventure is not for the faint hearted. Because, when you are alone, you're completely out of your regular comfort zone and it can get quite dangerous too. I've had some really unnerving & scary moments while visiting some of these places. Hence, I'd not advise anyone to try it unless, you have a really strong will-powered adventurous soul like me ;-) Do let me know, how you found my definition of adventure.

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