A Travelogue :

When you're in Bombay, there's one beach you wouldn't wanna miss!


Girgaum Chaupati is one of the most famous public beaches adjoining Marine Drive. Chowpatty is really Chau-pati ( four channels or four creeks ). It is famous for both Ganesh Chaturthi and Ramlila celebrations every year. And of course, famous is it's several bhelpuri, panipuri, ragda patties and pav bhaji vendors too, that one can find on the beach.

So, while returning from a meet, we decided to halt a while near the sea-face and stroll on this beach. But it was getting dark already so decided to do a quickie round. So here's a picture guide of the evening :-)


( above ) The road outside and the crowded beach. ( below ) People thronging the food courts! Making of the famous Pav-Bhaji, Kalla Khatta & Kulfi.


We had ordered from one pav-bhaji wala, but by mistake sat in a bench of another stall, and they kept hovering around us irritatedly.

( below ) The 'Mela' type atmosphere!


Chowpatty is a great place to hang around in the evenings. It's long well kept side-walk is ideal for walking or jogging around and it's beach - a great place to have fun along with your kids ( if you have any ). Whether Grant Road, Charni Road, Marine Lines or Churchgate station - each are at close proximity to the beach.

Our Rating Scale is : 1 to 5 = ◕◕◕ - I liked it!
( Images Courtesy : Mine & wiki )

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