Language : English
Authors : Vipin Behari Goyal
Genre : Fiction
Publisher : Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd ( January 2014 )
Imprint : Frog Books
Edition : 1st
ISBN-13 : 9789383562664
ISBN-10 : 9383562668
Binding : Paperpack
Price : Rs. 95 ( Buy from @Rs.87/- ( 8%Off )
Pages : 188

The Book Summary : Maya in search of Tantric Father is a story of a young and pretty American girl who is shocked to learn a secret from her deceased mothers diary. Maya comes to India in search of her biological father, who was a Tantric. Out of sheer determination, she travels to many holy places in India, facing numerous difficulties, which any solo woman traveller would face in India. Some mysterious powers help, guide and protect her when she inadvertently walks into danger. Her spiritual pilgrimage is full of miracles and interesting encounters with a Philosopher, an Astrologer, an Ayurveda doctor, a Tantric, a Swami, a Professor, a Music maestro and a bureaucrat. Some of them fall in love with her but she has no time to reciprocate. Her only mission is a search and she cannot afford any distractions. Could she find what she was searching for?

My Point of View ( P.O.V ) : A Westerner, Temple ghats, Indian Mysticism, Hinduism and the like - the Book Cover as well as its Title indicates where the story is headed and I'm all excited to unravel the odyssey. Whether movies or books, I've always been intrigued by the mixture of Western with the Indian. Martha or Maya, is portrayed as a strong willed individual and the story is about her journey; the places she visits ( e.g Benaras, Rishikesh, Pushkar, Kamakhya, Dharamshala, Haridwar etc; their underlying connections ), the people she meets ( characters of Rama, Deobrat, Chandrashekhar etc; the effect they have on her and the subsequent changes in her life ), the challenges she faces or the distractions she overcomes - where ultimately, she discovers herself and gets enlightened in the process. She is an American girl, whose life gets upside down on discovering a secret that her mother left her with, on dying, in her diary. Her real father is an Indian and that too a tantric, whom her mother had met long ago. So, she takes permission from her American ( not really aware as 'foster' uptil the secret is revealed ) father, to seek out the real.
The story is vividly described, so one can visualize the beautiful descriptions as it happens. It describes wonderfully, the culture shock that one expects esp when an outsider is setting foot in India for the first time - the usual stereotypical view that they carry of India as a snake charmer's land - but instead, the experience proves to be in complete contrast to what they perceived - i.e they find a much more developed and modern country with sprawling skyscrapers. It does mention the stark realities too from a foreigner's point of view. And though, I'm not really a believer and tend to read as detachedly as possible, I must however applaud the in-depth research that the author must have done when dealing with such a robust subject ( i.e religion, mysticism and their complexities ). What the author has also done is added newer elements in practicing of the old faith, inter-mingling other beliefs, which in turn makes the book more fascinating. It is bound to make reader more curious and engaged, I was hooked till the end. It is a page turner and certain philosophical instances can be absorbed in one's own life, as a guidance. Looking out eagerly for the sequel now!


Positives : Use of easy, simple, lucid style language makes the story very interesting and smooth flowing. Will recommended for the intriguing content in it.
Negatives : There are certain dull moments, but the beauty of the story, plot and characters overcomes that. However, will suggest a re-edit to make the story more tighter or gripping.
Who will enjoy this? - Everyone!
Buy or Don’t Buy? – A Must Buy!

About the Author : Vipin Behari Goyal is an Indian author with distinctive style of writing. His love for books is unparalleled making him an avid reader as well as a prolific writer. His debut English novel "Tall man small shadow" based on existentialism was published in July 2013. His prior writings include a travel handbook on “TirthRaj Pushkar” and a collection of Hindi poems titled “Tej Dhoop Ka Safar”. His novel "Maya in search of Tantric father" is based on Tantra and mysticism and "The old man and the nymph" is based on Greek Mythology. He has also dabbled in documentary film making and is the maker of award-winning short film “Mines are Mine”.
He is indie publisher of his ebooks "Burn me naked","Apsara","Untouchable's Daughter" and "Empty Cocoon". He is presently practicing Law after retirement as Financial Advisor.

Our Rating Scale is : 1 to 5 = ◕◕◕ - I liked it!

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