Colour : Maroon
Model : OF-KOA15CJ3
Quantity : 1
Price : Rs. 8500 ( Buy from @Rs.7990/- ( 6% Off! )

Product Summary : Key Features of Kenstar Oxy Fryer - Oxy Fryer, Hidden Handle, 30 min Timer, 3 L Capacity, Prepare 1.2 kg Potato Slice in One Go. A revolutionary product, the Oxy Fryer makes cooking a delight. This Oxyfryer is as good to the taste buds as it is to the body. Design - The Oxy Fryer boasts of a unique feature that allows you to fry food without oil. The compact design of the fryer provides a no-hassle cooking experience. Food Basket - The Oxyfryer boasts of a food tray with a 3 litre capacity. You can now fry large amounts of food in one go. Timer - Kenstar has incorporated a timer into this Oxyfryer, allowing you to set the time for frying up to 30 minutes. The auto power cut feature turns off power supply once the set time has been completed. Temperature Settings - Each food item requires its own temperature to cook - keeping this in mind, the Oxy Fryer has been designed with a temperature setting knob that allows you to set the temperature between 80 degrees and 200 degrees. Hidden Handle - The Oxy Fryer's hidden handle makes handling the device an effortless task. You can move it around freely and when you are done, just push the handle back to make the fryer look sleek. LED Indicators - 2 LED indicators have been incorporated into the making of this fryer. One indicates that the power is on and the other turns on to let you know that heating is in progress. Air Outlet Vent - To prevent your kitchen from smelling bad, this air fryer has been designed with an aesthetically placed air outlet vent. It expels air at regular intervals to ensure freshness. Power Cord - A 1.2 metre long power cord allows you to place the Oxy Fryer on your kitchen counter, in a spot of your convenience. Usage - The Oxyfryer makes cooking as simple as it can get. All you have to do is, open the fryer's tray, load the food into it and set the temperature you want to fry the food at and the time required to do so. The fryer then does the cooking for you. Benefits - The Oxy Fryer uses hot air to do the cooking for you. This way, all your favorite fried snacks are now oil-free. The Oxy Fryer keeps your heart healthy and your body light. No oil, no trouble, yummy food and better health! 100 Recipes - The Kenstar Oxy Fryer comes with 100 delicious recipes for both vegetarian and non vegetarian food. You can download the Oxy Fryer mobile app and keep these recipes at the ready for when you have unexpected guests or when you're in the mood for some mouth-watering delicacies


My Review ( P.O.V ) : Ideal for Cooking, with power consumption of 1500W, cord length 1.2cm, 1 year Warranty+Free transit insurance and 3L capacity - this is one hell of an appliance that is all set to be the perfect kitchen assistant. Its so cute to look at too and portable as well, with a cool handle to carry it around. After planning for quite some time, I finally bought it recently and once it arrived, I was in a mad hurry to try it at one go. At first, I got a bit confused on how to separate the food basket, as it seemed to be stuck. But after watching their online video tutorial, I found it so easy. There's a push button right on top of the handle, and once you press it, the food basket gets released. So simple. And yeah, those pictures you see above are of 3 fat potatoes that I used for french-fries, but you still see so much space left right? That's because, the food basket has 3l capacity - large enough to cook for an entire army. Since I bought it online, I was informed later that an authorized company representative would come for a demo. I was like - I've made fries and ate them too, now you wanna send a man for demo? Well, the appliance is that easy to operate. It has two buttons - temperature and the clock. That's it. Anyway, the man came to take some signatures and brought the recipe book too. It has 100 amazing recipes in it. I can't wait to try them all. I also used a borosil microwavable glass bowl in it to see its resistance - it didn't break. Woohoo! That means you can use glass utensils that you generally use in microwave, in the oxyfryer too. Now, that's really awesome. Get it if you haven't yet ;)

[ 2 Separate LED: Heating On ( red ), Power On ( green ), Temperature: 80°C - 200°C, Cooks Food without Oil, It has a Fan and Heating Element which Circulates Super Fast Air in the Food Basket, Can Apply Oil with the Brush as Per their Need ]

Positives : Does what it promises.
Negatives : None so far. Will update if I find defects.
Who will enjoy this? - Everyone esp health conscious people who wants an oil-free diet.
Buy or Don’t Buy? – A Must Buy!

Our Rating Scale is : 1 to 5 = ◕◕◕ - I liked it!

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