Our whole lives, we all have lots of dreams and make many plans. But most of the times, those dreams don’t come true or our plans get cancelled, and we get on with our lives dreaming more, planning more….with the cycle repeating over and over. We hope, someday, they’ll all be fulfilled; but that never happens. I was doing just that for years now i.e ignoring my dreams & plans; until one day, I realized, fulfilling dreams or carrying out plans is very much in our hands, and not such a big thing that we so dread! Only, we need to have the desire to make them happen.

I have always loved travelling, but my travel plans were forever getting postponed for some reason or the other. However, by mid-part of the year ( around June'15 ), my conscience began screaming at me, that, if I keep procrastinating, things will never happen; my dreams will remain forever stuck. And my dream was to travel ~ visit places that I always saw on Television/Magazines or had heard about from friends. Thus, I decided to go about fulfilling my dreams. And thus, my real #Talesof2015 began.

I made a strategy to travel north, west, central and east India ( had done south already ) within 2015 itself. Yes, that’s a huge itinerary, because, I was trying to cover maximum in limited time. But it was possible. With the help of my travel agent, I got about booking my tickets. To save time, I travelled mostly at night, and it saved me money too \Yay/. Let’s check out my travel pursuits this year that made up my supa-awesome talesof2015! ( do check out my detailed posts on these trips too ).


So, first, I went up the Himalayas. It was always my dream to see mountains up, close and personal. That trip took me to other delightful destinations too that enriched my whole experience – like Haridwar, Rishikesh – where I witnessed the reverence that people held, for the Holy Ganges; Mussoorie, Kempty, Dehradun, Chamba, Tehri etc, where I got glimpses of the pahadi life and much more. was such a great & memorable experience.


My trip 'west' took me to Bhuj ( in the Kutch region of Gujarat), where I walked the Salt Desert of White Rann, and visited lots of other interesting places and sights. Also, I could not have missed witnessing the royalty of Rajasthan, its magnificent forts, palaces, bazaars etc.


My trip to 'central' India, took me in and around Bhopal ( in Madhya Pradesh). Lakes in Bhopal, the ancient Stupas of Sanchi or even the famous Gas Tragedy site etc; this visit had me intrigued and yearning for more. I even visited the Kumbh Mela'15 at Nashik which was an incredible experience to say the least.


As I am writing this post, I’m re-discovering north-east ( it being my native land ), and I’m thoroughly enjoying every bit of it. The journey never ends…it has only begun.

So, yes, the year 2015, has been a very special year for me. The places I covered, are just the tip of an ice-berg. Intoxicated as I am, discovering so much of India, bit by bit, its turning out to be an addiction; one I know that'll spill on over to not just 2016, but the rest of my lifetime :-)
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