A Travelogue :

In my FYJC, we were taken to Elephanta Caves from our college. It was a study tour, as we had 'travel and tourism' as a vocational subject included in our B.Com syllabus. It was supposed to be a whole day trip.


Ignorant me had thought, cos of its name 'elephanta', the island would be filled with elephants. Instead, I found it was filled with caves, dark, ancient and very mysterious ( you wouldn't want to get lost here ).
We all had gathered early in the morning at the Gateway of India, along with our Tourism teacher. We took a motor boat for the trip to the island. It was a bit scary to be riding on top of the sea waters as the boat swoozed over the waves. And I didn't know swimming! Plus, there were so many of us students on this trip, what if the boat cant take the weight and capsizes? To top that, we had all got up on the upper deck as well, and had sat on the edges, along the railings. Very soon we saw the Bombay skyline getting thinner and ultimately vanished from view.
I was with the same group with whom I was during our Golden Triangle Study Trip earlier, and did double the masti. We continued the same pranks on this tour as well, but since it was a one day trip, the fun was bit cut short. Nonetheless, we enjoyed thoroughly.
We were taken to a few caves, after climbing a hill and explained its history by the tour guide. However, we were prohibited from entering into few other complex caves. We had to take notes as it was primarily a study trip. We had lunch that we all carried, more like a picnic of sorts. By evening we were ready to head back. While we were waiting for our boat, someone joked ( or maybe was serious too ) that during high tide the entire jetty vanishes under the waters and people get stranded. Hearing this, we were just too anxious to get out of that island asap.
Later, on the boat, we had loud music played and danced away. Yea, I forgot for a while that we were still moving over the waters. It was dark when we reached Bombay and the sight of the skyline all lit up from the seas is simply unbelievable. Once back on land, we headed home packed with happy memories.

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Our Rating Scale is : 1 to 5 = ◕◕◕◕◕ - It was Amazing!
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