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For past 2 decades, I'm living in Bombay only and only for 1 reason - the sea. Needless to say, I'm partial when it comes to seas. I've seen Bombay and Goa beaches on the west coast and long ago the Puri beach in the eastern coast. From my observation, the eastern seas are more darker in colour and are also more ferocious. I heard lots about the Tsunami some years ago in Chennai, also seen the wreckage it caused, on TV. So, naturally I was curious to see the sea out here and also its famous beach - Marina!

After quite a day in Chennai, we headed for the beach. But to my amazement, it took quite a while from ITC Grand Chola Hotel, traversing through various lanes, twists and turns, flyovers etc. By the time we reached, it was already getting dark. The sun had vanished and just a hue of light was left, with the waves roaring and crashing in. From whatever day-light was left, I could see that the beach was really huge ( 13kms long, hence, longest natural urban beach ) and also dangerous - swimming/bathing is prohibited. It is very sandy and most visited too. The walk from the main road to the waters itself, took us quite a while. In the dark shadows sat many couples coothie-cooing, and I nearly fell over them. There were sea-shells, coconut shells, someone's sandals, ship-anchors etc littered across the beach here and there, that I kept stumbling upon; and quite a few stray dogs too. The street lighting doesn't reach to the beach, hence, soon it was pitch black. I could see numerous fishing boats and few fish-fry stalls too, with tiny lamp glowing.

Those dark pictures ( 3rd&4th pic ) has couples in them :p :D

Fish-fry stalls - You can see marinated fresh fish, laid out and some hanging raw, ready to be cooked and served. Though we sat and clicked pictures in this dhaba-kinda-shack, we didn't try, lest we got an upset tummy ( we had a long train journey ahead ). We didn't want to take any chances. Anyways, the beach smelt fishy enough and we had our fill of that. After quite an evening, where the others tried various filmy picture poses ( task of a blogger carrying the other ), finally, we headed back to collect food before going to the station enroute Ramneshwaram.

Marina Beach, Address 17, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Nungambakkam. Chennai, Tamil Nadu
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