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This was the final leg of my Bangalore journey ~ the ride back home. And as it happens with Indian Railways ( nothing new, huh ), my train got delayed terribly that day, leaving me totally frustrated and GRRR!! So, my train which was to leave in the afternoon was now scheduled for a night departure. I was exhausted as hell and I didn't want to travel anymore carrying my back-pack around ( nobody told me about a cloak-room then, duh :s ) To make matters worse, the hotel staff calls me just then and tells me I could've opted for a late check-out if my train was in the afternoon. Some more GRRR!!! Anyways, I preferred to sit in the waiting-room and relax for rest of the time, even if it meant being uncomfortable and getting bored out of my mind.

Just outside the Bangalore Railway Station :-)

For starters, reaching the railway station in the afternoon meant I had to have lunch. There were quite a few restaurants nearby, and I opted for the above which served some delicious veg-biriyani. Do look out for it. Its price was decent too - 60 bucks only/-

At the waiting room, I spent my time sitting and watching people. Two brats were fighting amongst each other, so that was my entertainment for the evening, watch their fight :|

It was almost past 9pm when the train finally whizzed me away from the city. A visit of merely 3 days, felt like a lifetime spent. I was glad to head home and bade my tata-bye-byes to Bangalore.

Once, inside the Indian train - there no dearth of entertainment here! From people trying to push inside your reserved seat to young kids painting their face like 'Hanuman' to earn money - it all happens only in Indian trains. with it, huh!

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