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If you read the previous post, you'll know how I nearly missed this train. But, it was sheer luck that I managed to board it at the nick of time! Its a train with chair-seats mostly and not the regular sleeper-berths. I had booked a window seat, so dashed for that straight-away.

NDLS on left and Ma' Train on the right ~ ( train pic clicked at Haridwar Stn though ) :p

Inside the train with the 'Doon' boys in Green/Yellow serving the passengers.

Ice Cream, Coffee and then Chowmein - train mei toh yeh sab banta hi hai!

I swear, had the train stopped I'd have rushed to this guy and made him a happy seller too.

Stations galore ~ In that 4-5 hours journey, we passed by Ghaziabad, Meerut, Deobandh, Roorkie etc.

Passed by the famous Deobandh Mosque, Forests, Bridges and Ganga Canals :-)

Civilization slowly appeared again and then my destination.

The Haridwar Railway Station ( clicked during day-time next day )

Haridwar Railway Station - looks like a temple doesn't it? Well, its a holy city afterall and veg too. Haridwar is regarded as one of the seven holiest places ( Sapta Puri ) to Hindus.

There's a blue Shiva statue just outside the station. It was late and I hadn't book any hotel in advance. I got bit nervous as I started looking for a place to stay the night. It was past 8pm then, and people just stared at a female walking alone with a huge backpack behind her shoulders. It surely felt strange. I asked couple of hotels ( there are many just outside the station ), if there was any room available that night and what was the tariff etc. I tried finding one Hotel Haridwar Residency too, who's owner I had a chat with earlier via net. I had hard time finding it so opted the one just opposite the station. It was going to cost Rs.600 per night. I booked for 2 nights.

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