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Gun Hill is a famous, historic and the 2nd highest peak in Mussoorie. I was walking the Mall road ( wherein big vehicles aren't allowed ) and as I enquired about the Gun Hill road to passer-byes, I was told that there was a steep 20 minutes road up to the peak ( its 400 ft above Mall road ); which by the way, I've heard is awesome. Just then, I saw these red cabins ( see pics below ) flying about, on the top in the skies, and instantly remembered reading about the cable-way to the same peak. So, asking here and there, I reached the rope-way, that was a little further up in the same Mall road. Naturally, I wanted to try the rope-way. Its like neki-aur-puch-puch. There's only two cars that come and go at a time, so I had to wait my turn. The ride itself takes about 10 minutes.

I clicked several pictures as I waited my turn.

The queue was quite long, but I enjoyed the wait! It is open from 10AM-6PM

It was really interesting to see up-close how the cable-way operates.

And then, soon, I was in one of them.
In pictures - view from inside the cabin - down the Mall road, I just exited; and up the hill itself. Some of the cable cars were coming down. It was such fun. 6-8 people are let in at a time.

View from Up!

Well, I absolutely loved this experience. It brought out the child in me. All the while, I was wondering what-if the cable snapped. Oh boy! Was I glad it didn't. The people who had come in the same cabin ( with me ) were also enjoying the whole thing esp when we reached the top.

During pre-Independence days, there was a gun mounted on its top that fired at mid-day enabling the people in the vicinity to adjust their watches. Now, Gun Hill houses a water reservoir. From the top, one can see a 360 degree view of the entire Mussoorie town below, also the Garhwal hills around and yes, the Himalayan peaks too ( when its not raining ), and the Doon Valley.

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