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Chamba at 5,000 ft, lies in the Garhwal hills, which is the outer Himalayan range ( also known as Shivalik range ). It is all green, green and more green. The mountain roads are narrow, with hair-pin turns and lots of landslides spots. Its scary, yet, exhilarating. As one travels through the hills, one does feel tiny ( at least I did ), in front of mighty nature. Certain stretches outright intimidates you, and certain parts feel as though they'll come closer and gobble you up. I enjoyed my journey thoroughly, hence, so many clicks! Enjoy :-)

The meandering river chasing us, the signboards, the forest rangers, the odd temple on the way.

the stunning Garhwal hills... Never get enough of them!

Chamba is well connected by motorable road, with Mussoorie, Landour, Dhanaulti, Kanatal and Kodiya nearby. Distance from Chamba to Rishikesh is 59 km, to Mussoorie is 67 km and to Delhi it is 283 km. Luxury and normal Buses to Chamba, Rishikesh, and Tehri etc. are available from ISBT Kashmiri Gate.

Address : Tehri Garhwal, on Bagirathi River, Uttarakhand 249124
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