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We had 3 days to spend in Rameshwaram, but we instead thought of moving to Kanyakumari next, to make the experience more exciting. So, though our driver came early on at around 5 am itself ( we wanted to see rising sun at Kanyakumari ), we made him wait quite a bit before finally getting into our vehicle, at around 8.30, after breakfast. We better catch the sunset instead, was our decision. The drive to Kanyakumari takes almost 5-6 hours, and we were sleepy as hell. I dunno, how the driver managed. At first, we seemed to be driving amongst tall green palm trees for quite sometime, before the landing cleared and we spotted a red structure and stopped.

Yes, the red structure is the Vivekananda Memorial @Rameshwaram ( read link for more on it ).

Moving on, we headed for the Pamban road bridge this time ( read link for more on it ).

Just after crossing the Pamban bridge, I started to feel too sleepy, so just lazily clicked outside the window. Bus, grazing cattle, open fields, odd temples, strange/funny trio ( wearing same colour saree at the rear of another car ), droplets of rain that had started falling on the car-windows ~ yes, it had started drizzling. It was pouring quite heavily, when the driver pulled up at a road-side tea stall. The rest got down for tea and posed pictures. I was too sleepy to go anywere.

What is our driver showing? :s

Capturing the passing clouds :-)

Passing through salt-fields and toll-nakas :-)

In between quick naps, I clicked pictures of the highway, thatched-huts. Love those wind-mills.

So, our vehicle suddenly decided to go jumpy some 20kms ahead of Kanyakumari. The driver managed to drag it to a coconut shop nearby. While we drank coconut water, he kicked his vehicle ( or maybe did something ). Because, it started to move and we were again on our way again ~ albeit bit slowly and cautiously this time. More hills, palm-trees and wind-mills passed.

And finally, after a long ride - we reached Kanyakumari :-)

Driver's before at start ( left - straight/erect posture ) & after at end ( drooping posture ) pictures.

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