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This was the last leg of the incredible journey called #ChennaiExpressAndYou. After a light breakfast at the TTDC hotel, we left Kanyakumari and headed early morning for Madurai airport. It was 4-5 hours on road, so we hit the road once again in our rented-vehicle. The journey was of course a splendid one. On our left, the green Kerala hills stretched on for miles, touching the blue skies while the white & grey clouds above did a peek-a-boo, with endless fields of tall windmills on both sides looming. It was just gorgeous. The road is extremely well maintained, hence, the drive was smooth. I slept half the way, while other half clicked pictures.

And finally the Toll-nakas! I'd really love to ride these roads again and again :-)

Our driver kept us entertained, showing us his amazing collection of movies. He slept the last night in the car itself. He has a video-player fixed on his car, where he plays all these stuff.

After the toll-nakas, the journey continued a little more...passing by people, buidings, fields, temples and ending with a little train-chase as well! Notice the train?

Now, could we leave the South without a hearty South-Indian thali lunch?

After a brief stop at a highway restaurant for a light thali-lunch, we headed again. We were nearly there now. We passed by various green-signs that indicated that the airport was getting closer and closer. Once there, we still had 4 hours to kill. Two options - see around Madurai city or sit in the airport itself. What did we choose? See next post to find out ;-)

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